Emotional support pets

Wow, check out this ad! Brings to mind a post from last week when guests left their two dogs unattended at an Airbnb. I bet lots of guests are bringing their “emotional spport” pets on their vacations. Notice the part that says even if there is a no pets policy.

Yep, there’s lots of those online sites encouraging people to lie and selling them a paper. It’s fraud and I’m not sure how they get away with it.

I’m rather surprised the ADA isn’t all over this- I’d think they would have an interest in taking these outfits to court and trying to get them shut down, as they are a real detriment to those who really have disabilities like PTSD and can benefit in an important way from from an emotional support animal.


I have an ESA who is properly documented and trained. I too wish that I could officially certify him but it doesn’t exist. too many people took advantage and now I can’t even fly with him (even if I want to pay, or buy a seat) because he’s about 10 lbs too big for their requirements.

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I agree, folks that falsely claim an emotional support animal make it difficult for people who truly need them. It should not be that easy to get false documentation.

“3 easy steps”?!

I thought it was 2 – send us money, we send you a fake certificate.


It is 3, send money, lie, and they send cert.

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