Emergency repair, guests arriving today

We have had a small emergency issue that we have had to address, which meant having to lift a small part of the wooden flooring up in the entrance hall way yesterday, we have guests arriving today and the joiner cannot get to us until Friday morning to “professionaly repair/relay” it
We ourselves have attempted to re-
Lay the flooring and although it is not perfect as it was before it is certainly not dangerous etc, just I think i notice it more because i know about it. My question is should I mention it to the guests arriving today?

I was in the same situation (needing an emergency repair( but I was upfront about it). Guest was cool.

Mention it, but don’t dwell on the subject. And do not offer any sort of accommodation or refund or anything. Life happens.


This is my philosophy! And guests are people too, and 99% will be completely understanding of the situation. I’m alway upfront and honest with guests . . . last year, when we had scheduled to have pigs slaughtered here on the farm, I messaged my guests (I have a lot of vegetarians/vegans who stay with me and don’t want to ever offend) to give them the heads up that they could be witness to it, and gave them a time frame. They were totally fine, appreciative of me taking the time to message, and we even had a few good laughs over it!

And as @KenH says . . . don’t offer anything but the mention of it.

Of course mention it. Over the years you’ll find that you have power outrages, the water supply cut off (or ‘boil water advisory’ notices - we get them all the time), roadworks outside your building, noisy construction work next door, bunged up toilets … you name it. As long as guests know, there shouldn’t be a problem. If it’d beyond your control, guests are very unlikely to be bothered, especially if you can help towards the problem and/or explain with a touch of humour.

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Why not cover with a throw rug?

will the repair interfere with their visit?

No, it won’t affect their stay, it’s merely cosmetic. I have purchased a long runner for the hall way in hope it should distract the eye.
I have left a note apologizin/ explaining that due to an unforseen emergency repair that we had to lift a small section of the flooring and they may notice it hasn’t gone back quite down in the fashion it should etc and I have arrange for the joiner to attend and repair/refit. Hopefully that’s enough.


Put back the piece that was !ifted up yesterday and throw an area rug over the area until the repair can be done.

I realize the look is cosmetic, but you said you had " the joiner" coming on Friday to do a repair.
Will the guests be there on Friday; will they be inconvenienced by the repair?

I would have thought that the noise will be an issue?

Thankfully the joiner is coming in the morning, next guests arriving on Friday after 3pm so hopefully all will be sorted before the guests arrive.
I left a note explaining the situation to last night’s guests, they left this morning without any mention…just waiting on the review.

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