Email notification request to book changed

I received a request to book over the weekend. In the past when I received a request to book, I would get an email notification that included the first and last name of the guest. I would use this information to do some online sleuthing, matching name with city/state on Airbnb to see what was out there… online profiles, social media, ect. Started doing this regularly when I had a request, found person online ~ arrest for drugs, theft, ect. This time I only received initials of person. Hmmm. I’m more prone to not accept from anyone new to the platform and they must have at least a handful of positive reviews. This is my home I vacate while they stay, not an investment rental.

It looks like you are in Oregon.


Once verified a guest can change their user name to Mickey Mouse and CS will not tell you what the real name is. Initials are nothing unusual

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Well that stinks. Thanks for the link:)

I don’t feel differently about who I want in my “investment rental “ vs in my home if vacated. . Both are my largest investments.

I seem to recall that Airbnb is testing in some areas just providing Initials so as to not influence a host’s decision to accept. After you confirm the booking you will get the full info.

Just saw Muddy’s link. Yep, they are doing this in Oregon.

I have it in my house rules that their full legal name and picture of their face without sunglasses and hats must be used for their profile while staying in my STR. If a guest refuses to update then I have Airbnb cancel the reservation. It doesn’t happen very often and I suspect these are third-party bookings or folks having an affair or a drug dealer. I’ve had all three issues at my STR years ago before I got wise to their ways.

I live below the STR so it’s important for me to feel comfortable with who is staying above me.

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Oh dear - I don’t think a pic of me without glasses exists. 🥸. Do you mean sunglasses?:sunglasses:

Yes. …

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How long did it take for Airbnb to cancel and was it a hassle? I’m thinking this is the direction I will go in.

Maybe you have IB and therefore the guests name because it was booked?

I’ve never gotten the last name of requesting guest. Has anybody else? I think have gotten a few last names from inquiries, maybe Airbnb confused the 1st and middle names with 1st and last names.

With request to book, I’ve always gotten first and last name. I don’t do instant book. Not sure I like this change:(

I have more of an attachment to my home versus the investment. My investment is going up for sale, too much to manage the two and have a full-time job. Good thing money will be made on the sale.

they are doing that as a rsettlement in a discrimination court case


It’s part of the settlement of a lawsuit against Air by the State of Oregon.

I am also just seeing just the initial of the guest’s first name come through. I am not a fan and I hope this change doesn’t become permanent.

It will change.
Airbnb is moving to a b.con model- instant book, no vetting and 15% fees paid for by the host.