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Email not working well

Just to let everyone know that I’m not currently getting email notifications, nor is my husband getting the text messages. Thankfully I went to my account just to check it and there was a request - just a few hours old. Hopefully I didn’t lose the booking because of my delay.

Just fyi - keep an eye on your account if possible!

Let me know if you have the problem as well.

Thanks everyone!

I just went to check and got this message:

Stay tuned
Error code: 503

Airbnb is temporarily unavailable, but we’re working hard to fix the problem. We’ll be up and running soon! Keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates.

If you need help with an ongoing reservation or for urgent issues, tweet us @AirbnbHelp or call us.

Please note, during site downtime, our response times may be longer than usual.

Thanks for your patience!

I’m in Australia

I’ve also been having very strange email and communication glitches. Guests not getting my messages or attachments… maybe it’s the snowstorm (er, BLIZZARD!) STAY SAFE, DC… (PS …MY SON HAS NO SNOW BOOTS!! I tried to tell him!!! He thought his mom was overreacting!)

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guess what? My kids don’t have them either! I totally blanked on it! I don’t think Amazon prime can save me this time!

My husband went to the store tonight and the shelves are about picked bare. NO TOILET PAPER at Costco! Lines to the back of the store! People started canceling appointments on Tuesday - people here are a riot when snow is predicted.

I do have two guests coming for a funeral - I really hope it works out for them. They are sisters coming from different locations.

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My airbnb account is actually fine - just not getting notification in my email.

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Me either… or texts!

Sounds just like here when there is a weather emergency like a hurricane. I told him to run to the store now and get several cans of chile. (I already KNOW he can live several days on that! ) :slight_smile: I kept trying to get him to H&M to buy boots while I was there, but no. No interest. Sigh.

Will you offer refunds to people? I am pretty sure you will start getting messages very soon from Air, asking you to cancel and waive your cancellation fees. Happens all the time here. Even when there isn’t anything to panic about. But you guys DO have something Big looming! First blizzard warning for DC since 1993!!! (and my son is in the thick of it.) :frowning:

[mother worry from afar!]

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Same here. DIdn’t get two email alerts with bookings. I called customer service, dude said he had no idea why but would report it. I just keep checking my listing to see what’s up.

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