Email from Airbnb re all 5 stars in each category but a 4 for overall

Email from Airbnb re star ratings:

I saw an email about a month ago re Airbnb stating they were making changes to the rating system, specifically discussing the “all 5 stars in each host category but a 4 for overall” for the host.

Does anyone have info on where to find that? I’ve had three of them and I don’t remember if we are to notify Airbnb or if they change their math when it comes to overall rating.

Thanks for any help!

It wasn’t a promise, it is under consideration.

They won’t do anything @pamairbnb

If this is happening to you regularly, it might be worth including some information in your guest book about how the rating system works.

Ah…no wonder I couldn’t find it. Thanks for your help

This happened to me twice during the struggle to hold onto Super host after getting a one star. May was definitely not my month. I daresay when tweaking one bad review a year was up for consideration they must have been quite serious. If I were allowed to delete that 1 one star, I would still be at 4.9. Now I am about to lose SH. It’s harder now to get a bad review removed.

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I jut recently had a 4 overall with 5 stars in all the other categories ALONG WITH a super positive detailed review. I contacted the guest with a “thank you for the detailed review which will be helpful to future guests … If you are comfortable, would you be willing to provide me some ideas to make your overall stay a 5? I love the feedback and use it objectively to improve.” She responded almost immediately with a few suggestions that made sense and were easy updates.

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That is very helpful information. There actually could be guests that are giving a 4 overall for real.

Turbo Tax actually asks a question, “did you mean to leave the “xyz” box blank?” That might be a good suggestion for Air to ask… “we noticed all your answers were 5 stars… Did you mean to give an overall if 4?”

I seem to remember that was in a video interview with the new “Host Liaison” Director or some such … about 4-5 months ago. If anyone keeps all the ABB Community emails it might not be too hard to find. I think the term used was “outliers”.

Yes, I found that one…looks like they’re working on it…thanks!

APRIL. The outlier review announcement. Turns out Air was only “considering” it. I suspect that word about this got out to the media about Air doctoring its reviews. Died right there.