Email form Airbnb "Add account details now to keep payouts comin"

Had anyone else receive this email form Airbnb? Payouts to me are by Paypal for the last 3 years and I am being asked to provide bank account details! I just do not understand why. I have contacted the Airbnb but was told that they are constantly changing things to prevent fraud. I did ask how would this prevent fraud and ha had not received any response

Sounds like phishing to me. Do not send any bank information via links in the email!

Log into your Airbnb account separately from a trusted device and double check your payment settings there or call Airbnb. At the very least report it as phishing.


I agree, that sounds fishy (haha- pun intended.) Was it a message through the Air message system, or something sent directly to your email? If it’s legit, I would think you would get a message on your Air account when you log in.

Yes, the message appears as well when I log into my Airbnb account. Both the email form Airbnb as well as message when I log into Airbnb say ‘Your payouts have been paused because your account details haven’t been added’.

I contacted Airbnb and customer support sent me a link to click onto to ensure the message is genuine, and the link took me to my account setting asking me to add details, including my legal name, date of birth, and residential address; as the first step, I am then supposed to click Save, and I am informed that once saved I will no longer be able to change this info.

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Airbnb already has a copy of my passport as the process of ID verification.

That sounds okay. Are they forcing you to stop using Paypal? I’ve always had deposit into my bank so not familiar with any such requested changes.

Strange. I wonder if they’ve changed the terms of service for hosts? Otherwise, how do they have any right to stop your payments if you have a valid payment method set up?

Yes, that was exactly what I was thinking. Sounds a bit fishy if they’ve not clearly stated/asked the OP to stop using PayPal. That said, I had a phishing expedition via a request for a payment over £1K from my PayPal account (which I don’t use) that was quite worrying, particularly as the payment was to an electrical company who had actually done the work the day before, for a woman using my name! Fortunately I didn’t click on the link about “any concerns about this payment”, but many people would have done.

What country are you hosting in? I had the same question. I’m hosting in Belgium and government is putting pressure on Airbnb to disclose the names of all hosts for tax readons.

Back in 2014, we had the same issue. Air contacted us saying they had a payment failure trying to send money to our PayPal and that we needed to use a different banking method.

We called Air and PayPal at the time and nothing was resolved.

We have since used our savings account with no issues.

Does anybody meanwhile know what it‘s about and why airbnb is asking for more details on your account after years of hosting

Hi all,

I was just asked to send them my information in order for my payouts to keep coming. They have all my info already as I had uploaded all they needed during registration. Any idea what this is for? I heard that they are focusing on country Tax purposes? Could this be that they will start sending info of payouts to governments?

As I mentioned on another thread (and I think in reply to one of your posts!) this is an EU directive and yes, since so many more people are now entering the tax system with STR the taxman obviously wants his share of that.

Yes, I imagine this is exactly what they will be doing.