Efficient shower heads brands

My last water bill made my jaw drop. So, I changed the toilet downstairs with an efficient one and I am on a quest to buy a water efficient shower head but still good enough that people won’t complain that there is no water pressure and such. So what are you guys using?

I hate efficient shower heads, I can never get my hair rinsed out. The first thing I do when I buy a shower head is take it apart and remove the flow restrictors.

I’m not sure you will find one that makes everyone happy.


@georgiahost Ditto. I end up using way more water in the shower when I encounter the “water saver” shower heads, which mix the water with lots of air. Air doesn’t wash the shampoo out.

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Our water is pretty expensive but I’d rather suck it up than have guests complain about the low water pressure from the shower. Even unrestricted our mains water pressure is a lot lower than I’d like.


We like the Delta H20 Kinetics models. The first one uses 1.5 gpm. The second one uses 2.5. I like the 2nd one a lot. My wife prefers the first one.

At this price, buy both and experiment. See what you like.

I ended up buying this one based on reviews.
It really has outstanding reviews so I’ll give it a try. Somebody calculated that it will reduce the water bill by 40%. Im all for that. The bill for dec was over 400$, which is understandable because I had all kind of family gatherings, including my Xmas party , the tens of people using the toilet and showering.

I’ll try it first in my own shower before installing it in the rental. It will arrive tomorrow so I’ll report back in a couple of days.

The water got crazy expensive here. Half the price is the water itself and the rest is the treatment, the chemicals they put in or something. It wasn’t this way before. They jacked up the prices of the treatment recently. I’ll be willing to try the one @Jeffersons’s wife likes.

$400 is insane for a one month water bill. Either something is very wrong with their charges for an essential service or you might have a leak. When everything is totally off, look at your meter and see if it’s running anyway. Make sure none of the toilets run or have a leaking flange.


It’s hard to do this with guests, although my guests are pretty okay with it, but you can certainly do it for yourself and for your own family gatherings to save water- flushing the toilet every time you have a pee is an absurd and almost criminal waste of water IMO. I personally don’t bother to flush the toilet for every little tinkle. Can get smelly after 4 or so, especially if several different people are using it- seems to be smellier when mixing different people’s urine, so I’ll flush as needed.
I do ask my guests (home-share) to help conserve water and mention that flushing every pee isn’t necessary, but if they forget, it’s no big deal. I’ve been amazed at how many of them have said that they totally get it, and don’t flush every pee at home, either. But I get mostly environmentally aware type of guests.

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@jefferson, I don’t know what the heck is going on, so I replaced the old 5 gal toilet downstairs with a water efficient one and will see about this shower head. The water bill in the rental was historically speaking always double the water bill at my own house where I do all the laundry: mine and the rental’s, so go figure.


How many gallons are being used: Dec & Jan? What per gallon charge?

This does not sound right at all. Water is often only 1 - 2 cents per gallon. Sometimes less.

We rarely use more than 4000 gallons per month, and that is 3 units.

I’ve been using these for years in both rentals and my own bath. The water here is just hard enough that I have to pull them off and either clean or replace them once a year. Nice needle spray with a low flow rate. No junky chrome plated plastic, solid metal.


I have really hard water- have to remove the shower heads and soak in vinegar once a month.

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I just switched to hand held. It was more for me, but being able to target flow seems to use less water.