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Eco Friendly Listing - any tips?

Hi all
I am about to relaunch my listing after a complete rebuild. My family try to live sustainably (recycling, reusing, composting, conserving energy etc) and I’d like to mention this in the new, improved listing without coming across as a hardcore greenie or activist(!).
I’m not going to impose any rules about it with my guests (I just want them feel comfortable and have a nice holiday) - but every little bit helps and it promotes New Zealand’s clean, green image.
All ideas/suggestions welcome.
TIA :seedling:

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Good on you! and yay New Zealand. You would be surprised at just how many people don’t give two hoots about recycling here in the UK. It’s a major issue.

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Thanks @Kirsty_Jane - I visit the UK every couple of years (it’s my second home I guess!) and was amazed at how complicated recycling is over there…so many bins! Maybe it works better here because there’s one bin for all recyclable items and it all gets sorted by hand…pity the poor devils who have to do it tho!

In Sweden, we do very much recycling but all our guests are lost on it (even when we are explaining it…)

Focus on the “feel good” things like LED lighting and efficient appliances. Too much Eco focus would lead some to believe your place will be warm in the summer and freezing in the winter. If you have solar or geothermal anything, hilight that.

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Organic hand soap, shampoo and other amenities. If you provide coffee and tea, then do fair-trade, organic.

You could mention that you use biologically derived and/or unscented laundry products. I know there are some people who are sensitive to chemical frangracnes who would appreciate this.

Make the recycling bins attractive, easy to use and well labeled.

Organic cotton bedding etc etc.

A lot of what I mentioned could be shown in the pictures without talking too much about it.

If you have local CSAs or farmer’s markets, you could put a bowl of fruit to welcome the guests, with a card telling where it’s from.

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I think that using natural cleaning products is important. I avoid chemicals when cleaning my own home or the rental.

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I would state it just like you did here!


Great suggestions - thanks team!

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