EC Policy now applies Globally

I just received another email from Airbnb. The extenuating circumstances policy now applies globally to reservations booked on or before March 14, with at least one night between March 14 and April 14.

No cancellation charges for hosts
No impact to Superhost status
Full refund for guests
Service fees refunded in full


This will have an impact on Superhost status, unless they change the minimum stay criteria. Hosts with high turnover who are normally way over the minimum stays may be fine, but for others, they will lose the status, if not by the next couple of assessments, then perhaps after that, depending on how long this goes on.

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The EC is not just any old “The Sky Is Falling” excuse… There are specific conditions for which a guest has to supply documentation.

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What reservations are covered

Reservations made on or before March 14, 2020

Existing reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences with a check-in date of April 14, 2020, or earlier, and with at least one night occurring between March 14, 2020 and April 14, 2020 are covered. This means that guests who cancel will receive a full refund, hosts will be able to cancel without charge or impact to their Superhost status, and Airbnb will refund all service fees.

Existing reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences with a check-in date after April 14, 2020 will not be covered under our extenuating circumstances policy except where the guest or host has contracted COVID-19. The host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual.

Reservations made after March 14, 2020

Reservations for stays and Airbnb Experiences made after March 14, 2020 will not be covered under our extenuating circumstances policy except where the guest or host has contracted COVID-19. The host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual.

Please remember to carefully review the listing’s cancellation policy set by the host when booking and consider choosing an option that provides flexibility.

Not if the reservation matches all of these criteria:

  1. reservation made on or before March 14
  2. check in date of April 14 or earlier
  3. at least one night occurring between March 14 and April 14

If your reservation is covered, it will be marked as such on the reservation details page (found in Trips if you’re a traveler, or in your hosting dashboard if you’re a host). If you cancel a reservation marked as eligible, guests will receive a full refund, and there will be no impact to hosts’ Superhost status. You don’t need to contact us in this case.

Did you read the post? Or the email from Air? They promise no impact to Superhost status.

Who cares about the status. What about our livelihood? How are we to live this year without income. Why are they not insisting on travel insurance. I have asked every guest when booking to make sure they have travel insurance but that is just being over ridden by airbnb. Sorry for the guests of course but they should cover their own backs.


As repeatedly stated on this forum, this isn’t covered by travel insurance, never was and never will be.

Airbnb is not an income guarantee program.

Your complaint with Airbnb will be over shortly as almost all travel everywhere will be curtailed or suspended. And in the economic aftershocks afterwards tourism will probably be severely impacted.

If this had been taken seriously, globally as soon as it was known, in Dec maybe this calamity could have been avoided. But it wasn’t and now it can’t. People don’t understand exponential growth or basic science. We have a society that blames the media for everything instead of blaming themselves.

It’s going to get worse and forewarned is forearmed.


Thank you for your input. Will be switching forums.

LOL. Okay. You do you.


For a moderator KKC, you are pretty dogmatic. Most of us prefer a friendlier host group where there is real feeling and discussion and where we can lay blame where it should be laid. Do you want to do the LOL thing again? It suits you. Have a good weekend!


I’m an unpaid volunteer who has been contributing here for almost 5 years. Every new member who pulls out the old “for a moderator” line impresses me less than the last one who did it.




Yes, I did. What I take it to mean is that there will be no impact to Superhost status for a host cancelling reservations due to coronavirus, that the host won’t be penalized for cancellations. That was the context. Unless they issue a statement saying that they will suspend the number of stays requirement, I wouldn’t take their message to imply that.

My Lord, I love, just love!, KKC.

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I wish there were more competitors to Airbnb. I understand their need to allow all cancellations but at the same time there is absolutely NO consideration of hosts. Their constant change of policy is also hugely concerning. I don’t know how to run my business.

The thing that drives me the most crazy is that the company gets to decide how I run my business basically at any time - but they absolutely do NOT take any responsibility with the business when it comes to say a guest getting injured, etc. This seems like an opening for a legal nightmare for them and I hope it is.

But mostly I just believe really deeply that Airbnb needs more competitors. Their customer service has been awful for a long time - especially for hosts. Hosts need more options than Airbnb to run their business.

I am sick of the company and how they run things.


Wow, that’s really nice. Thanks.

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They have a lot of competitors, in name. For a whole house or vacation rentals they have a large number of competitors. Sites like may challenge them in the private room space over time.

The problem is that Airbnb has a huge market share, especially in the US. Given the recession that’s coming it’s all moot anyway as the tourism industry will suffer greatly. And if it recovers from this it will be the climate crisis.

Airbnb will probably be sold to a bigger corporation.

Nothing magic is going to happen.


I blame the CCP for this human catastrophe.

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Of course there are other competitors - what I mean is major competition like you said. They hold the lion share right now and too much control over our business.

I disagree with you - I think what will actually happen is that hosts will start to move away from Airbnb. Hosts are LIVID. Just look around. It’s not just this situation too - it’s been getting worse for hosts over the last few years with Airbnb. They consistently don’t take care of their hosts properly, giving too much to customers - and I hope this situation starts a larger conversation about how they run their business.

I really think hosts need to evaluate how they use Airbnb in the future and move the market share more evenly as much as they can. Airbnb needs to be more beholden to the people that literally allow their platform to exist.

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I don’t know what the CCP is?