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Easy Way to save time, money and be more secure

Hi everyone, My name is Witold and I was the host at AirBnB.
I face all the cases what going to happen, I face them or hear about them for my fallows.
I for most of them i got solution - smart locks, them make a lot more things as we can think.
For example, i got one client who got 5 condos, in one of them he install RentingLock and in this one rates jump on to 5 starts.
Something more about RentingLock is that the lock did not connecting with internet so its impossible to chack, but of course it works in 4 steps:

  • Guest books your apartment
  • Select on our website check-in and check-out
  • Send generated code directly to your guest
  • Guests receive an access code to your apartment which opens the door only in the specified time. Codes expire at checkout so they can never be used again.

Guys just look look at rentinglock.com and tell me, is this is not solves to everything?

Hi there, smart locks are the the future. Better still, install one of our Remotelocks, we are directly integrated with airbnb so the whole code generation happens in the background when the guest makes the booking. If you are in Europe check out smartlock.co.uk

thanks, Stuart

These types of locks (not necessarily the ones being advertised here, but some variety) would seem to be a foregone conclusion for anyone renting a separate space. They get rid of the whole scheduling confusion of meeting to exchange keys or having guests lose keys. Everyone in the group can get in and out as needed without confusion.

Sure, they are the future.
I dont like to outbid each other , but i think its better when lock is integrated with channel manager, and we have this.
Beside if customer like to we can make his personal API and make integrated even with his own site :slight_smile:
At least, Smartlock - what happends if wi-fi is out, or apratment dont have wi-fi singal or its a blackout ?
RentingLock is totally offline :slight_smile:

Mabe can we know what channel managers are you use ?
We still meks your base bigger, and see that most people use
yeldplanent, xotelia, kingo, KW hotel,bedbooking and profitroom - and you?

Hi there, Lockstate Wi-Fi locks do not require a Wi-Fi signal 24/7. They connect to the internet periodically, look for new instructions and download. Once the lock has the access code it does not matter if there is a Wi-Fi blackout, the lock will still work as the code is stored in the lock. If you do not have Wi-Fi then our Resortlock is the solution, it works via an algorithm to provide guest codes, I assume that RentingLock works in a similar way.

Likewise which Channel manager are you using? Lockstate have an API that enables 3rd party integrations like airbnb and alfredsmarthome

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