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Eastern USA hosts that take 6!

Well, since @dcmooney started it, I’m planning a trip too. We’re headed out with our (at that time) 11 yo male, 9 yo female, 5 yo male, and 3 yo female children.

My homeschooling family is taking a historical site educational road trip in early May 2017, and I’m looking for some Air places for days I don’t want to camp or if I can budget it, sleep in a bed every night!

We’re planning to stay with Nancy when we’re in Washington DC, and I’m specifically looking for places near Lookout Mountain TN on our way east, and then near revolutionary war historical sites and presidential sites. I’m still planning where we’re headed, but if I know some friendly Air hosts to stay with and give recommendations, that would tip the scales! Planning stops in possible NY, but definitely Boston is on the short-list. Headed back through Indiana.


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My listing says ‘5’ but we can take 6 - did I already say? Just in case you try to book and there’s an issue - can’t wait!

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Yes, you PMed me your email address so I can set it up with you once I know dates :slight_smile:

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cool - and - I think we’ll be in St. Louis mid June! It’s for a reunion of the group my son was a part of when he lived in China - so we may be in a hotel with everyone - but hopefully we can at least stop by and say hello!

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