Earning Statement Trouble

Anyone here having trouble opening their earning statement for 2021? I have been trying to open ours for almost 6 weeks and many, many calls to Airbnb hasn’t seemed to help. Just curious.

@Hampton Here are the steps I was told to follow when I inquired. I am working from a PC

From any screen - Click on your photo in the upper right of the screen. Choose “Account”, then "Payments & Payouts, then the Payouts tab.

In the box titled 2021 Tax Filing, click on the airbnb earnings summary link near the bottom of the box.

Mine came in a paper envelope it was easy to open, but painful to read, as Air won’t take taxes out for us…

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Have you been sending in quarterly tax payments as required?

There is a situation in which one doesn’t have to pay quarterly. I have my taxes withheld from my pension check. So if someone has a W4 from another source I recommend increasing your witholding to cover Airbnb income. I get a small refund every year.

frankly, that is none of your business

Yes, there are several situations in which one doesn’t have to pay quarterly. For instance, when you are paying more often than quarterly like you are from your pension. Quarterly is the minimum.

Ok, but it is not covered by HIPAA :wink:

I was not asking for me, it was just a reminder. You said it was “painful to read” your 1099. Of course Air is not going to do it, that’s normal for a 1099, you have to send it in yourself. I would wish you a pain-free tax season. You don’t have to live that way.

The solution is to pay quarterly if you’re not covering it with withholding from another source. And then it is not painful when the 1099 comes because you won’t have to worry about paying a penalty and you won’t even have to worry about paying those taxes because they will already be paid.


Yes…that is exactly what I was told to do while on one of my early calls to Airbnb “support.” Did so while we were on the phone. Every time i click on the “earnings summary” link the screen goes blank and eventually i get a “time out” error. I suppose i could go through my notes and reproduce this information myself, but i’d rather not! In the past, i received this information via email. I’ve asked for Airbnb to send it to me that way this year, but for some reason they just won’t - or perhaps they can’t anymore?

Try a different web browser!

And check to make sure that popups aren’t suppressed for AirBnB. IIRC that was my problem with trying to generate a statement — it was waiting for an answer in the popup Firefox was blocking.

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Thanks for that input. Unfortunately even that hasn’t helped! Still can’t generate my earning statement.

Is it possible to view earnings statements from prior years? I’d like to look at 2019 again but I can’t find a way to change the year.

Yes! I don’t know if you can do it on the app or not but this the website, the dates at the top are drop-down menus where you can select different years.

I have a question that somewhat relates to the subject of this forum string regarding tax reporting to the Metro government in Louisville Kentucky. I understand I will go to the transaction history and download the CSV files and file along with my returns. The CSV file used to contain the columns of the text paid in by Airbnb directly to the government agency. Lately this column is not appearing. It used to be there and now Airbnb advices me that something is wrong with my computer. Does anybody else have any experience similar to mine so I can learn more about what’s going on?

For which year and are you talking about paying income tax or some kind of local occupancy tax?

I am talking about reporting local tax here in Louisville where they are asking for a report from Airbnb so I can prove that I paid in the taxes that Airbnb is paying in on my behalf directly to the authority but what I have found is that the CSV files lately are not showing the taxes paid. That particular column has been missing the last couple of months where before it would show earlier this year. Airbnb says that it must be something wrong with my computer but I doubt that very much but I am not a techie.

looking at my 2022 earnings summary, there’s an column for adjustments. mine says almost a thousand dollars this year (i don’t know what any other years say) (i only earn a few times that a year). i can’t recall a cancellation, refund or dispute this year.

can anyone explain this to me, or tell me whom to contact at airbnb hq?

many thanks