Early guests/ pet cleaning deposits

I am really upset. I was contacted by guest to stay for a month…traveling nurse. She said she and husband could not book the place for all the days. I said because the Lodge has a guest. I use credits at local hotel, put them up for a night, wrapping cost into monthly stay. I also explain that I have not been in the Lodge in 4 months, NO down time to address any serious issues that we might find after a 6 month stay. They say dropping luggage, flying out for Thanksgiving holiday…Wed night to Sat.
I send in the cleaner, who usually cleans with a tooth brush. The guest comes back early on Friday, and calls AirBnB on Sat saying house has dog hair on bedskirt, bath not clean…they returned to hotel. They don’t call or text me. Even after I had sent note saying I would be personally cleaning the space after work…and what time would their returning flight be? No idea they had already returned.
Meanwhile, AirBnB has left a message, on my phone, and email, WHILE I AM AT WORK, demanding contact in an hour, or else.
I don’t get the message for 4 hours.
I explain…AirBnB both refunds fees…which I have NO problem with…but, calls it a cancellation…and charges me a penalty.
I should never have let them be checked in, when I had not inspected the house. I should not have tried to help them out. I am a newish host, and I am learning.
My problem is with AirBnB. I find them to be very high handed. Seriously, one hour? For a non emergency? And why does the guest not have to follow what we agreed to in writing in the messages? AirBnB did not even read the messages…when they did…they said even though they agreed to have place cleaned on Sat, came back early…I did not meet the standards.

I find your description a little hard to follow but If I understand correctly you have done nothing incorrect and you do not have to accept the decision of Aibnb. Ask to escalate to a superior and stay on the phone (do not accept a call back.)

Look through this forum for topics on refunds. Airbnb reps are often too quick to give the guest a refund without fully researching topic.

Also, what is your cancellation policy? I am on strict which protects you more.

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I would contact Airbnb and attempt to get it escalated to a supervisor like recommended in addition…just a suggestion, close off the following day after an long extended day so that you can address any issues that may have arose especially when a deep clean may have to be done. If you are lucky you can reopen the day if it appears it was an easy turnover. Even with a cleaner it is better to be cautious just in case and with long term stays do not rely on your cleaner, do a walk thru yourself. Sometimes they can become overwhelmed and by giving them additional time they will be a better job.

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