Early checkouts, do I need to say goodbye?

So this may come across impolite but despite telling all of my guests to “just leave the key in the room” when they check out and having spoken to them the night before so many of them insist of knocking on my bedroom door and waking me up to say they’re leaving. Is it my duty as a host to say goodbye to every guest every morning? I want to write something somewhere that states I don’t want to be woken up in the morning by guests knocking on my bedroom door and if you want to say goodbye say it the night before but don’t want to come across rude and unsure if I’m supposed to be saying goodbye anyway! This morning it was at 6:45… I should be sleeping right now :joy:


Let them know that m, yes. Let them know it is not that you don’t wish to see them off but that you are actually sleeping…or trying to.

I feel ya…I should already be :sleeping: by too. Turning in now finally.

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That’s a good way to put it!

This is truly strange. In three and a half years and hundreds of guests I have never had one that has woken me up to say goodbye. @Olivia_Davidson

In your situation when you remind them about where the key is left and you are confirming their check out time with them, if they say they are leaving early - just say something like ‘ I won’t be up to say goodbye in the morning so I’ll say goodbye now’ .


Hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your bedroom door handle.

That works, when I stay in hotels.

We provide a “guest book” in our rental space for guests to write their comments and good-byes before leaving.


A combination of Helsi & Don_Burns’s suggestions would do the trick:

Say goodnight the night before (I’m going to sleep in tomorrow, so let me say goodbye now…) and a guest book so they have an outlet for all the nice things they’d like to say. (Seriously - you must be a very welcoming host! Nobody has knocked on my door to say goodbye. :innocent:)


I also make sure our guests have all they need (coffee, tea, breakfast snacks) when leaving in the early morning, while I am sleeping.

With our 12-cup coffee maker, we provide paper coffee cups (with plastic lids) for departing guests to enjoy coffee on their drive home.

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Even if I say ‘just put your keys by the kettle when you go’, I get the occasional tap at the door, but luckily it’s always been at a reasonable hour, checkout is 11am.

Thank you, this is great advice!

Thank you so much for your kind words and great advice!

Thank you, this is very helpful!

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To avoid this situation I just say when they are checking in that I’m probarly not going to be around in the morning so I will say goodbye now and just leave your key in the room upon your departure. Was lovely to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay.