Duplicate listing

Hi there,

I have the same property listed twice and I would like to delete one. I find the issue quite confusing and it has actually caused some problem to both myself and guests.




You have two options : delete the listing or unlist it so it no longer shows in searches. You will find both options on your dashboard.

But to be honest; it was you who created two listings so I’m unsure why you’re confused.

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Thanks Zandra, sure i did create but not sure if I unlist or delete one of the two the other won´t be affected.

I have booking for the coming months and don´t want to mess up with them.

@Rogerio. I would call AirBNB and ask them to merge the two listings so that you do not loose your reservations or your reviews. You will be unable to do this on your own.

Thanks for the advise, i thought so too but was unsure. Do you have a reacheable contact number that you can share?

I think that there is a “sticky” on this forum with the phone numbers.

And, though you didn’t ask for more advice, I am going to offer some. You really should have the AirBNB phone number in your phone’s contact list. When things go wrong, you might not have time to find it.

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Noted.Thanks a lot smtucker