Duplicate listing to separate short term vs. Mid/long term bookings

Hi I wanted to encourage a longer term stay so I did a duplicate my listing of my airbnb STR for long term (30-90 days) and called it extended stay + Title. Was this a good idea? Should I instead keep it all on one listing and just allow longer stays?

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How are you integrating the calendars between the two listings ? Do you have any legal issues in terms of tenancy rights for stays of one month plus?? @wistletone

Personally I would keep it to one one listing.

I do have a separate listing however it’s for when I’m out of town and I’m renting it as a solo 1/1 since they have it to themselves. I just keep my master locked up.

I believe you can “link” the calendars, so when one is booked the other is blocked off. Never had need to do it so not 100% sure how it works.


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Yes exactly just link them it’s easy

30-90 days is not a good fit for AirBnb, as much as they like to have their hands in our pockets if I was inclined to allow for long term bookings (I am not) I would want to get a lease, a deposit and a credit check. I would suggest you Google AirBnb squatter before you allow this.


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I have linked the calendars so they don’t overlap. They keep changing the rules where I live so I need to move in to mid term renting soon. I take a deposit, but a 30-90 day lease seems a bit complicated. I thought using a platform like abnb or home away can add at least a bit of help with the vetting. (I don’t do instant book on long stays). Are there other platforms better for midterm stays?

Second RRR, it’s not the platform, it’s getting a signed lease document that’s critical. In many jurisdictions, “midterm” guest are legally tenants, with all the accompanying tenant’s rights, and required eviction procedures.