Dumbest host ever?

Last week I was traveling (Staying at an Airbnb room, of course). My house manager (who doubles as my ex-husband) was tending to my rooms, taking care of guests, laundry etc. I got a booking from an experienced host in Orland0 (She has at least 50 reviews). She was very uncommunicative, hardly giving any info and wanting to check in earlier than allowed.

I wrote a long message explaining that wasn’t possible and that as I was traveling, my house manager was tending to cleaning and the room would not be available till later. That she could check in but please acknowledge the cleaning may be delayed. I went on and on about how imortant it was for her to understand. Finally, she did and said “I will be there after 4pm”.

At 7pm, I get a call from an older German wanting to know my address and to check in. WHAT?? WHO??

This ding-a-ling booked the room for her previous night’s guest, and older German couple and NEVER TOLD ME. Third party booking is what it’s called. I was out of town, AND had other guests in residence. No way in hell was I letting in an unverified stranger in my home. I called the ding dong woman. She blathered on and on about how old they were and I should allow them in. She never explained why SHE didn’t tell me. What an idiot.

Four calls later to Airbnb and the reservation was cancelled and I was paid out the next day. What a twit. And yes, she is still hosting. Mama mia!

If he was savy enough to book her place he wpull surely be capable of booking yours himself ? Glad to hear airbnb actually paid you though & no doubt the dodgy host got his $ so it was him that missed out possibly though no fault of his own but bring led down the garden path by her…maybe she even charged him more??

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Customer service told me it was a slam dunk cus she used the Germans CC to pay. Thats an obvious violation of TOS. I felt badly for the Germans…dont know how they made out.

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