Dumb Question: Can I Book a Guest on My End?

I’m pretty new and I’m fairly sure I know the answer but just want to make sure.

I pre-approved a prospective guest, and instead of booking, he wrote back to me saying, “Please book us for July 2 to July 11.”

I don’t think hosts have the ability to book on our ends, do we? The guest has to make the booking, right?


The guest has to pay in order to secure the booking. Only they can do that. It may be that they’re hoping you’ll reserve the dates for them without them having to pay but I would strongly urge you not to do that.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

You click the accept button.

Where is that located? I did click “pre-approve.”

I suggest you message them advising they have to do booking on website, maybe give them the Airnb number, you can find at pinned post .

I am new to air and have found that many of my upcoming guests are also new. We have worked together to get the bookings done through the airBnB site. They manage to finish off their bookings, so far it has worked out well!

Is the period they are requesting the same period for which you preapproved them?
If so, they need to book on their end - perhaps they are attempting to reserve the space without paying.
If it is for a different period then send them a special offer.

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When you pre-approve them, they receive an email plus a message on the app. All they have to do is click a link to book.

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