Drunk guest stayed with me

I had a guy stay for 2 days. He was fine on the first day, came into my bedroom to ask me a question but i was on phone, he could see i was talking but he just kept talking. I said to say , sorry would you mind if i finish the call then will look after you.
Next day he asked me if i wanted to clean his room, i told him i only clean the bathrooms. He went out that morning and came home drunk. He was talking utter crap and we all went out of our way to avoid him. He cornered another guest and my hubby had to intervene. I know he is on holiday but i dont drink nor does my husband. I had to explain to my lads, that he had a little too much guiness. He was not aggresive, just loud and annoying. Am i bias to his behaviour as a non drinker or should i mention he was rat arsed as we say.
He scrapped the wood on the chest of drawers which were only varnished so will definitely mention this but not sure what to say about the alcohol.

Wait, You let him do this???

His drinking isn’t really the issue. His behavior is.

Coming into your personal space. Disturbing other guests. Cornering other guests. Check, check, check. These are the real issues. The fact that he drank was just icing on the cake, and to be honest, I don’t know how you would mention this without sounding prudish.

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I walked him out backwards and closed the door. I wud not enter a guests room, i knock and wait until they answer.


I know. If it was me i would not pick a family home. I would stay in a hotel or rent an entire place, that way he could drink as much as he wanted without bothering anyone.

Yup. You and me both.

Cannot recommend this guest – he entered our personal spaces, disturbed and cornered other guests, and was generally ill behaved.


Sorry… totally disagree. There’s nothing prudish about mentioning that a guest was visibly drunk and behaving boorishly. He’s totally disrespectful. It says a lot about his personality and future hosts may not want to host a drunk. Please DO mention it.


It would appear prudish if you criticize him for having a single drink. Is the guest is obviously inebriated and behaving abominably, please state that!


Does your listing say something like: “This is a family home and we expect guests to behave accordingly”. It shouldn’t have to be said of course but it gives you more leverage when they behave like someone in a (bad) youth hostel might. Of course their idea of a family home might be more like the Kardashians so you’d want to be careful.


I still think– he wasn’t drunk when he went into the host’s personal room. This is a boorish person even when he isn’t drinking and to me that is the most important thing as a potential future host.

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He told us we went on a pub crawl, he got lost missed his train station. He was loud not aggressive just annoying drunk, he eventually went off to his room.
My listing states its a family home with young children. Hes not suited to a family home and he struck me as a guest who is lonely, he is not married nor has children and in his mid 60’ s.

I am not sure how to review him without being mean. He has reviewed me already , he only left yesterday. The husband says say nothing about being drunk, but any host like me will earn their money with him, some guests are just more demanding/needy than others. My other guest is super easy and a delight to host.

Why not? He showed disgusting judgment. Even if he wasn’t loud or obnoxious. Drunk is still drunk. Would you have gotten into a car with him at that point. I wouldn’t be surprised to find alcohol has caused other problems in his life previous to this. Why protect him?

I don’t get it.

He told me the day before he was going to the
It doe was on to airbnb today, asked the rep what would she, should i say he is not suited to a family home because he came back to the house. She said only put that privately, i said what if he stays with another family, should their children be exposed to a drunk man in their home. She said its easier to keep it private as its not nice to put things like this about guests in public. If he wants he can open up a case against me and all sorts can happen. She said you would like it if someone said that you came home drunk. I told her i dont drink, and it was the first time my children saw someone drunk. So much for being honest in your review. I dont know how i will word his review but i wont be recommending him to stay in a family home.

I hosted an Irish guest once who was really cute and charming :heart_eyes::two_hearts: so I invited him up for drinks one night. Apologizing for not having Guinness to serve him. He said, well I don’t drink. So he had ice water and I had …wine or something. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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