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Dropping in on guests


Hi I’m just wondering if as a host you ever arrange a visit to the property mid stay when guests are staying for a few weeks and if so what do you do or say?


If you want to arrange a visit because of some concern, then it might make sense to make up a pretext about the visit, such as you want to clean the space or drop off some goodies. However I think that unless you have a very good reason to be concerned (e.g. neighbours complaining, Airbnb guest complaining etc), then it would be better not to conduct a physical visit to the property as this can come across as invasive. It would be like someone wanting to access your hotel room mid stay just to check on things.

It’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your guests so it doesn’t hurt to send a quick message or email if you’re concerned about something or even periodically throughout their stay just to make sure they don’t need anything or that there are no issues.


One of my friends who hosts on AirBnB offers a complementary “freshening up” service once a week for longer-term guests. She says that helps her catch any problems before they get out of hand. I would think as long as you let them know on arrival (and in the house rules) that this is the policy, that visit can be defined in whatever way works for you, offering a change of linens or vacuum, empty garbage etc.

I have a self-contained suite that I rent and I make it clear on the welcome docs that I want to respect their privacy but as my electrical panel and water shut-off for the house are in the suite I may have to come in during their stay. If I need to come in for some other reason I email them first if I can. Nobody’s had a problem with that so far.

I’ve done the “freshening up” routine and also offered (paid) weekly cleaning for longer term guests, but nobody’s taken me up on the paid option, and I’ve been amazingly lucky with almost all guests leaving the place in good shape. I have a check-out checklist for them (strip bed, wash dishes etc) and they mostly follow it. But most are short term stays.

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