Dripping tap gizmo?

Hi, I’m bored of checking taps. Changed washers and ground down closing mechanisms. Never get left on by me. Honestly don’t think the taps are at fault. Where possible swapped taps for those self closing taps (like you get at gyms), but I know still left with a mixer tap on the bath. Is there some sort of sensor I don’t know of that could tell me if it has been left on? I have a Zigbee hub and RF hub. Was thinking of bodging a Zigbee water leak sensor, but then thought this should already exist - maybe it does and I don’t know?

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Say what?


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@Rolf, if I recall correctly you either have a leak detector on your tub or were looking into options for it not long ago?

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I have 2 systems that tell me about plumbing problems.

The first is Flo by Moen. It is a smart system that goes at the entrance to the house’s water supply. it learns the avg day to day of your water use and informs you of dripping, overuse, etc. It can shut off your whole house water in 5 seconds by remote app or when pre set for certain conditions (for example, there is nobody in the place but there is water flow).


I also use Govee water sensors that tell me via app if they get dripped upon.



those are cool, thanks for sharing, I’ll see if my plumber/electrician thinks it’s possible to install here.