Download your Airbnb bookings data (including booking time and occupancy taxes)

Hi there!

I have (silently) released a new small tool on Smartbnb to export all your Airbnb bookings data in CSV format.

It does contain a wealth of information, such as your guests name, email (under the Airbnb proxy), phone number, location, and the detail of your “price”, with nightly rate, base price, cleaning fee, payout, including occupancy taxes paid by your guests.

This can be an helpful tool for everyone curious about finding patterns in your reservations.

I believe that may also be particularly helpful to some hosts who for example have to report how much taxes Airbnb has collected on their behalf, and have no easy way of doing this.

For the sake of clarity: this will include all past bookings.

The tool is free during a trial period. To get access to the CSV, you need to create a Smartbnb account. Once your account is created, you should be able to see that “export as CSV” button on Smartbnb’s Calendar.

A word about the link above: The link above is special: it includes a referral code. Moderators have been letting me know they want to be lenient regarding links to a few service providers that are regulars of this forum, and I am grateful that they can include me within those apps that try to engage with the community. However, it seems like I am not allowed to compensate the forum for this favour. I have created a Smartbnb affiliate account under the name of this forum, with the referral code “airhostsforum”. If the policy of this forum ever changes, that account will be credited with a percentage of all sales from users referred by this forum.


very interested in the tool – having a hard job finding exactly where to download it

hope you can help

I believe I have been trying to help you on Smartbnb. Just use the in-app chat if you need any help creating your account.

Yes. Would like to use but cannot find

Thx. Trying to use the tool but cannot find - you may be THE most knowledgable Airbnb person I know, and your service must be a godsend to folks with big volume business, but I am not interested in automating my emails. I think that the personal, uniquely composed vibe that goes into each message I write goes a long way to establishing myself as a caring, attentive host. Especially since I am hosting from a distance. I also book the majority of my guests these days on other platforms. What else does Smartbnb have to offer someone like me?


In the current state: absolutely nothing, and I think we are both fine with it :slight_smile: Smartbnb being full-Airbnb, I believe that a product that would work for you is probably going to be a channel manager to avoid double-bookings.

Sure, the value of Smartbnb’s automation can be enormous for larger hosts, but in fact this business wouldn’t exist without hosts with one or 2 listings, who are roughly 2/3 of my customers. Larger operators have always found a way to automate, generally doing something on their own. Hosts that are hosting on the side never have that chance without delegating to a property manager, which is a different story.

In any case, automation only works when the point is to offer something superior to your guests, and that advantage cannot just be a quick response. When it is well done, people don’t see the difference, and actually thank the host for their commitment… while they are sleeping. I believe that is also why 27% of my customers are Superhosts with 2 listings max.


Awesome, Thanks! Will def make use of it! Very helpful!!

This is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you!!

What are the added benefits/features of your app compared to just downloading the Airbnb reports monthly to Excel? (Air doesn’t collect taxes for me so I have canned formulas to back out base rate, state sales tax and local lodging tax, so I may not fit your customer profile for this app)

It tells you all this:
Status (accepted, refunded etc.)
Booking time
Days ahead of check-in
Check-in date
Check-out date
Base price
Cleaning fee
Occupancy taxes
Listing ID
Listing name

I signed up with them manly for this report and also because of the heartbeat option. I tested a couple different ones and liked smartbnb the most.