Double-Check your AMENITIES. Some of ours got changed without us doing it

It looks like when Air “added some new amenities” that their update screwed up some things.
Please double-check your listings. You may need to fix some things that were fine, and add new ones.

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Thanks for the heads up, @Jefferson. I went through all of mine and no changes thus far, but I feel like I lag behind. Like the wi-fi or the accessibility stuff…y’all were talking about that a couple of weeks before I started getting the messages/seeing the changes. So, I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Having been a guest recently I know that Airbnb sometimes asks if the guest found certain amenities. Thus if I made an exception to no kitchen use for one guest, Airbnb might have asked if the kitchen was available and the guest checks yes. I wonder if this could trigger some changes.

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Me too. My unit is not fully ADA compliant. It is highly accessible because first floor, no stairs, dedicated handicapped parking space is the closest space to the unit, wide doorways & an almost flat threshold.

I start to make changes and find I must include pictures & Airbnb will send out inspectors to verify the accessibility is as advertised. Oh bother.

I’ve got a 6 month renter. I live 4 hours away. I’m not back in the unit until May to get pictures. (Maybe the renter will agree to me getting pics when I’m in the area in March.) By May my summer is usually substantially booked.

Oh well. I can put text in my unit description & say pictures coming.

I wonder where Airbnb gets it’s photo & amenity verifiers?

Wow. Maybe it’s because you have so many accessible features. They are just verifying my 2 photos (no one coming out physically)…and it’s taking forever.

Are you certain about them sending someone?

I just wrote Airbnb to find out how they verify the pictures. I’ll let you know what they say

I found this helpful article.

And another one:

Looks like they review the pics remotely to make sure they meet photo requirements but they do not verify accuracy.

I misunderstood the process.

I’m in the same situation. Parking right by the house, no steps aside from the half step up into the room. Roll in shower with grab bar and handheld shower and a shower stool is available. There are standard doorways. It’s too small for someone with a wheelchair. I had a cancer patient pick my place due to those features but not because I claimed it was ADA accessible.

I just unchecked the boxes after this change. If I ever fully reopen and want to start booking back to back all the time maybe I’ll bother with this.

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Look what popped up this morning!

They want to know if the pool I DON’T HAVE is shared!!?!?

Who is designing & coding this stuff!? It’s a simple check to avoid asking dumb questions. Now I have to check my amenities AGAIN!

They are stressing me out :woozy_face: