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Door Lock Smart Lock for front door

Hello Friends,
I hope you are all fairing well.
I have an Oaks Lock on the door for our Air BnB and have ordered 2 different gateways for it and neither work. I’ve ordered yet another gateway, because 2 people said that it hooks up easily with their Oaks…so we’ll see.
I’m wondering if someone might share with me what lock they use remotely? We travel quite a bit and it would be helpful to set a new code for the door while I am out of town. Currently I need to be within 6 feet of the lock to set a new code.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

We use locks from LockState. We can set them remotely.


They shouldn’t call any lock ‘smart’ if it requires you to be 6ft away to set codes

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We put in a Schlage Encode lock about 18 months ago. It’s fantastic! You can set up to different 30 codes, I can access all the controls remotely, it will alert me (if I choose) when the door is opened. It locks itself after 2 minutes (or a time delay I choose) The set up requires wifi only. We are delighted with it.


Yes, Schlage encode is what I use, too. I can pre-schedule personal codes for upcoming guests, so there’s no panic to get it changed between stays. It was about $400 Cdn but worth it… I’m planning to get one for my own front door when I find myself with a few extra dollars

I use LockState products - they can sync with your airbnb account so that your locks are automatically set for each guest’s check in and check out times. You have an app to control as well. They are the the very definition of ‘smart lock’. FYI, pricing is very competitive.

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If you can return it, do so and fast. A lot of people have issues with these.

Thanks for all the info! Going to start another research project with these! I appreciate you!

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Hey NanasPlace,
we always use Nuki in our Apartments. For us it is the best and smartest lock on the market at the moment. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Best regards

Ben from BnB-Butler(.)de

Perhaps not a great choice for hosts outside Europe …

Thanks so much for this recommendation. I was able to get exactly the model I wanted from Amazon Warehouse for just $160 rather than the normal $240. It installed easily and works beautifully, so far. I haven’t programmed it yet so I may have to edit later but I didn’t want to neglect to say thanks here.

I use primarily the Amazon based suite of smart devices (Ring, Alexa) and this interfaces with that.

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