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Don't worry about bad comments from your guests

Some hosts try to get 5 stars, try hard and try hard. Some hosts have always good notes and comments from the guests and become superhosts. You are right, superhosts have more chance to lock the guests. But i think 90% of airbnb people are human, they are greedy, like to complain and make you bad notes. Imagine only 10% of people in any country have really money, and they don’t go to airbnb they book a hotel. maybe just maxium 25% of the population of a country use airbnb. 90% of such people have low budget, just 10% have money…the ones who have money go to superhosts. But the superhost can just accept maximun 10%, usually less than that coz they choose their guest very strick too. That means they people who have a litte bit money still have to get a room somewhere else if they still want do airbnb. There you get you chance. Especially in high season like exhibition periode or tourism peak season.

I have seen a chinese host in Beijing. He hosts many people. Many people give bad notes and bad comments. But he doesn’t care, he wrote even: I don’t welcome you either! Don’t come. But people don’t stop going to him because his place is cheap enough and the people who don’t have money have no choose. They can only go on renting such a room and keep on complaining. But that is the true live, and it is realistic.

Another example is that a host in paris. The guest is a chinese woman. She complained that the host knocked her door and tick her family out because she took too long time shower. She wrote very bad comment and note. But many people keep going to rent the room.

So I think it is just important to set the good price and have a good location and don’t need to try hard to be superhosts.
I just don’t understand why many guests wrote about the superhost " He is a nice guy…" I think if in real like when you talk lot and try to be nice, most of the guest want to ask you to do this or that for free and use all your things up. Not all but 90%…because they want to feel like at home, like an all you can eat buffet, if they paiy a littel bit, they get every thing, and you are their slave, and they will feel happy when they manipulate you with their smile. I am really wondering why some guests set a rules and still can make people think that you are nice. I don’t think it works with asian people.

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Hi.we are in Australia and get a whole diverse range of guests, including guests from Asia. We are a white Anglo- Saxon middle aged gay male couple and live - in super hosts as well. I don’t know where you are going wrong because all our guests are fantastic and grateful. The Asian guests bring gifts and always show their appreciation. Sometimes you have just got to relax a little and not sweat on every little thing that may annoy you. If you do it will make in home hosting a real drag. We have been hosting for 2 years and have had over 140 guests and still love every minute of it.


I keep an eye on this forum but rarely post… I can’t help but notice that Airbnb hosting may not be your cup of tea.

If I remember correctly, you’re somewhat new to hosting and It sounds like you may already be jaded. Yes, hosting can be frustrating… Unfortunately, People are going to be people. You just can’t take it personally. All you can do is communicate very clearly, make sure your guests understand the rules, select your guests carefully (which means don’t use instant book) and remember it’s a paycheck!

I enjoy this forum most when it contains positive, informative discourse… Not the same incessant complaining about guests over and over.

We’re in a service/hospitality industry… Let’s try to be hospitable. :slightly_smiling:

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