Don't understand smart pricing

So I have smart pricing on. I’m charging $69/night and I have it marked to charge an additional $10 for weekends.

When I look at my calendar, there is no additional $10 added for weekends. The highest price it even shows is $71, and even that is not on a weekend.

Can anybody explain this to me?

I didn’t know you could add extra dollars for weekends. Is this a new Airbnb smart pricing feature… Smart pricing means Airbnb determines your prices according their perceived demand. Unless it displays a base price, the price you’re looking at could well be the adjusted price including the $10.

If you are setting your own prices e.g. $69. That is no longer smart pricing.

No, at least not in our geographic region as we’ve had the ability to set a weekend price for a while - smart pricing isn’t available in our region.

Go to the listing, and then Pricing. First there is the Nightly Price and further down the page Standard fees and charges. Within that section is a Weekend Price which you can set and it overrides your nightly price on weekends.


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The weekend pricing doesn’t work if you have Smart Pricing on. I don’t know why they can’t just put something on that page to tell you that. I had to call in to find out why it wasn’t working for me!


DON’T BOTHER to try and understand Smart Pricing.

Just understand that Smart Pricing is NOT a good thing for you or your listing. If you believe that babble, you’ll keep making less and less money while being booked 100% of the time at $6 a night!!

Smart Pricing? Just Say NO.


Now, that’s true. I keep getting emails to lower my listing to $38/night - for an entire guest house - 2 bedroom both queens, on a lake with lake view and lake access. VRBO says to charge over $100, so…

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There are a few pricing systems out there that are better than Airbnb’s. I did the trial of Wheelhouse and was pretty happy with it.

Airbnb’s seems like it must be pretty rudimentary; their price comparisons don’t seem to take many things into consideration, so they’ll lump a whole house rental in with smaller listings.

The way they react to demand seems to only benefit less desirable places. By the time their algorithm picks up an “in demand” weekend that should be premium priced, the good places have been scooped up at less-than-optimal prices.

I didn’t like how extremely high and low the auto-prices were swinging so went back to manually setting them.

Smart pricing is pretty simple. Set the minimum to your base level and the maximum to some crazy upper price. (I put $375 I think. And we’ve had it a few times). Manually change prices if there are special events. (You can’t expect a dumb computer to know about all events all over the world.)

Check it ever month or so.

Then leave it to get on with its thing. Easy.