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Dogs - how to keep them quiet with natural remedies

So my current guest’s profile states he doesn’t want dogs in this space. That’s cool, they shouldn’t be in there.

But, umm, the ad specifically says I have dogs. Lesson learned - always check their profile. And I know that if they specifically mention something like that - it means their expectations are much higher than just not having dogs in the side itself. Cause they don’t read.

Soooo I need to keep these guys quiet. Uncle Google suggested chamomile tea. Yeah ok - they don’t want to drink it haha hahaha.

Anyone have any suggestions?

My next idea is remove the tea from the bags and out inagic bullet, then grind and add to a bit of special peanut butter.

Are you sure that you wish to host these people? Prozac will work… but that is a big price to pay.

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It’s too late, he’s here. I should’ve read the profile sooner, but I didn’t , and now I have to deal. Lesson learned.

But, didn’t he read YOUR listing? Why is the onus on You?
Are they barking?

The agility trainer told my sister that the only thing that works for chronic barking is vibration collars. Every time they bark it escalates the vibration a little higher. They are pricey though… 85-100.

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@konacoconutz they do bark at times. They’re little dogs. Usually pretty calm and happy but of course they get overexcited if anyone gets too close to the house.

The little one gets persnickety if you won’t throw his ball or if he just plain can’t find it. They even drive me nuts at times. Usually quiet at night though and we keep them with us pretty much all the time.

We both have little dogs and I’ve been blessed with a Maltese that does not make a sound when I leave. But if I had to put a bark collar on her I would. My sis though… She got a rescue shitzu who barked like a son of a gun. Deal breaker for his rescue if there was not a way to stop it. The collar worked so well she doesn’t even need to use it on him ever. They don’t associate the vibration escalation with you, so they don’t perceive you as being the bad guy about the barking. This is what the trainer said. There really is no other method for chronic barking.

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Sorry… I could not resist!


My guess is your guest knows you have dogs, he just wanted to book your place because it was convenient to him in some way (price, location, etc). Be careful if you’re the lowest priced place available. You’re more likely to get these mismatch booking requests if the guest is very price sensitive.

I don’t make any accommodations for my guests anymore in regards to my pets. If they have allergies or are fearful, they’re not sleeping here. And if a guest failed to mention it too me, not my problem, they’re welcome to cancel.

One other thing, do you have a photo of your dogs in your listing? That helps a lot!

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The collar and the pictures are such great ideas! Thanks you two!

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So just an fyi, the chamomile is working wonders. They’re much calmer and laid back. Still functioning just fine so not drugged up.

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I’m in love :slight_smile: can I have one for Christmas?

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Shock collar and shock pad. After all, electricity is part of nature :wink:

Seriously though, vibration collars really work with a little training and patience.

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They do work very well and they are not cruel like the old shock collars.

I did take one of the poster’s advice from this thread and add it to my listing.

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We got our baby on December 21. She was a Christmas puppy. My son and I kept her secret from my other son until Christmas morning, other than to say, Winter is coming! (Her name is Winter). If you want a really loyal companion, you cannot beat a Maltese. They are a 3000-year old breed favored by royalty and commoners alike. They won’t bark with proper attention and lots of walks. They are an agile breed and stronger than they look.

I’ve been in love since that day, December 21!!!

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These are my munchkins, Butterball and Zacky.


cocka poos? Soooo cute!!!

They’re actually cavapoos. Wonderful companions. And I found a vibration collar on Amazon for about $20 each.

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