Dogs are more important than paying guests

I am hopping mad. We have four family members who are somewhat different. Two are dogs, and two are cats. One dog/cat are 13 years old, one are 3 years old. The 3 year old puppy is a Pitbull, sort of. He looks like one, but he is cute and cuddly and loving and submissive, to other dogs and to humans.

My listing talks about our animals, as does my profile. Photographs of all fur babies are included, and every other review mentions them.

Two women instant booked this morning. I replied immediately. No response until 6:30pm saying they would be here at 7:30pm.

They arrive. They are horrified to find I have dogs.
The daughter tells me her mother doesn’t like dogs. Can I put them somewhere?

Eh no. They are my family. You want to rent a room for two nights.

Upshot? I gave them a full refund even though I have a Strict Cancellation policy. I don’t want $ from dog-hating dumbasses who are too stupid to look at pictures and say ‘dog’! ‘Cat’!
I feel better now. Thanks for reading.
(They’re from Texas.


Thank you, got the gate, but are you psychic? While the Texicans were staring in horror at my 3 year old, the 13 year old calmly walked past them out to the street. Luckily my grand daughter was coming in, and brought him in with her. I don’t want people who don’t like dogs. Think I’ll add it to my house rules when my blood pressure comes down a notch.


First of all, K9K is in Texas, in case you didn’t know! :))

As for your guests and their reaction. Even though you probably mention dogs in your listing, guests may not realize how much the animals are going to be a part of the experience. Perhaps you can outline this in a little more detail so guests know exactly what to expect.

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It’s outlined enough. Texican is an adequate description of two Mexican women who live in Texas.

Thank you, good points. I’m listening. Airbnb emailed to say they will pay one of the two nights, which is nice, if unexpected. Wow.150. Tthat’s a lot of dogs :heart:

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Awwww! Gorgeous! Beautiful fur babies xx. Middle front row looks like our 3 year old :slight_smile: Airbnb should just give you that fee.

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Of course! I just thought it was funny. We lash out and call names at times.

What happened? Oh, did they show up with a dog they hadn’t mentioned when they booked?

And I should know better :frowning:

Sorry all, I’m just so mad tonight. Think I’ll go to bed!

I have pictures of my dogs on the front page of my listing. I have pet owner (dogs) checked. I have this verbiage in my listing, “Our two large dogs are very friendly. We are willing to keep them out of the guest room, but they have access to the rest of the house. If you are a dog lover you will have a great time here. If you are uncomfortable with large dogs this listing is not for you.” I still get people who are afraid of dogs, allergic to dogs, didn’t realize our dogs were large, etc. The upshot is people don’t read the listing.

We also had two close calls recently with the dogs getting out despite that fact that “Don’t let the dogs out the front door or the side gates.” is one of our three house rules. In one case a guest came home after I’d gone to sleep and left the front door wide open. We’re getting an automatic door closer. In another case, we asked a guest to leave the bicycles in the driveway when he was done using them. I latched the gate from the inside. He was tall and reached over the top of the gate to unlatch it. We added another latch in the middle of the inside of the gate.


Yes! In defense of the guests, they are bombarded with lots of stuff: travel plans, unfamiliar surroundings, exhaustion. So to expect them to be absolutely fine-tuned to our little Airbnb world is not realistic. We just need to be on our guard. Luckily, my little operation is so simple that there isn’t much room for screwing up.


Jeez people are jerks. Ten lousy bucks and I’m sure you bent over backwards accommodating them.

I had an indian guy stay and he was petrified of my cat. She wouldn’t hurt a fly but I had to pick her up so he could get past. Lol


Not an Airbnb experience, but a sales lady from ADT came to our house once and was sitting on the couch when our 22 lb cat jumped up on the side table. She had what can only be described as a conniption fit. It would have been hilarious if we hadn’t been worried about everything we owned. And we didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

To be fair, he was a very large cat. But he never ate anyone, that I saw.


Unlikely to happen. I have a$20 extra person fee. We had an extra guest for 3 nights and it was never paid. Airbnb said they can’t take the money without the guests approval which never happened.

I had a guest who was terrified of the little chameleons that run all over the outside of the buildings here (FL). She was on her way to medical school in the Caribbean. There are lizards there. Don’t know what will happen.

You are so correct, there are 3-4 foot Iguanas running all over in the Caribbean. Imagine the first time she comes into contact with one of these mini-dinosaurs.

We have them too - they come onto the dock. And during the meet-and-greet I always have to explain that they’re not dangerous and will splash into the water if people go anywhere near them.

That’s right you are in Florida. Plus you got the big crocs for good measure, if someone isn’t impressed enough with the minis.

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I have the dog version of this every once in a while when I’m out walking and come upon off leash dogs, and there are lots of them. The dog sees me and then starts charging at me. I have my inner conniption fit because I don’t know if I’m going to get mauled or licked. I have been attacked in the past. I always yell out “Is he friendly? You need to have him on a leash!” Many times the a hole owners just laugh. Oh he wouldn’t hurt a fly…"

The problem is I don’t know that.

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