Dog pee on carpet

This last weekend I had a guest that after registration asked if one of the guests could bring their small dog. (A bichon) I agree and even though my pet fee is a minimum of $50 I told him to leave $20 on the table. I took into consideration the size of a dog and that it was “non-shedding“.

Well, came into clean and the dog had peed on the carpet in the bedroom. I have a carpet cleaning machine to spot clean.

I’m unsure how to handle this? Do I charge extra? Just let it go?

Any thoughts appreciated.

You already have by waiving your pet fee.


We don’t allow pets, so I don’t have the experience other hosts would have.

For me, the thing to do here is to insist on the full $50 every time in the future that you allow a pet.

People may claim their dogs are nonshedding. Doesn’t mean they are. And even dogs that don’t shed (or don’t happen to shed at that time) still leave behind substances that must be cleaned up, especially if an allergic person could be there next. Those substances are dander, saliva, and (like this bichon) urine.

Get the rug thoroughly cleaned. Use a black light everywhere the dog was to find any other spots.

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I sympathize. The Airbnb options for pet fee are cumbersome and I’ve done similar in the past. However, I now have all tile in the Airbnb room and I am experienced with dog boarding. Any dog, regardless of breed, age, size or whatever the owner says about it can behave differently in a strange place. In my boarding business both Bichons I’ve cared for are some of the worst for marking (which is a bit different than just peeing/not being house broken.) So there is no way I’m ever going to discount a bichon in advance, I’d charge more. :wink:

I would put in a request via the resolution center for the extra charge. I assume you have some photographic evidence. As for cleaning, be sure to treat the spot with the enzyme cleaners made for that purpose. There are many brands and I don’t have a favorite. @JJD swears by Bac-Out by Biokleen. Regardless of what you use don’t be shocked if you find another pee stain there in the future.


Also do not call it dog pee, just urine on carpet in case push comes to shove Air does not cover pet damages in the “host guarantee” so do not blame the dog. Someone peed on the rug, or there is pee on the rug.