Dog Friendly listing, Good or Bad?

Can I get some feedback on allowing guests to bring their dog? A dog friendly listing, Does it bring you more bookings or hurt your bookings?

My sister has a listing in a neighboring city. She is short of bookings and her listing is dog friendly. I’m just wondering what would help her get more bookings. She’s new to this and has only had people with dogs as guests so far.

Since my listing is a rural outdoors-y area with a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, it only helps that I accept pets - cats and dogs, and yes, I have folks bring their cats. I think it helps me.

We allow dogs, but only from guests with previous positive reviews that mention a dog. It’s a lake house, so people naturally want their dogs to come along. We also add an extra $15 per night to the cost. Doing it this way, I haven’t had a problem.

Hi @mlyates

If you want to post a link to her listing we can have a look and try and make some suggestions that might help her?

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We started out dog-friendly, because we have dogs, but it became an obstacle because we had too many conditions. For example, we would not allow guests to leave their dogs in the suite while they go out, even in a crate and we require vaccination records ahead of time. Although we had a handful of enquiries, we realized it was too much trouble ensuring there was a good fit so we removed that option and it didn’t impact our bookings. I personally like to be able to say the suite is kept “pet-free” because I think cleanliness appeals to everyone.

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