Dog and Cats: what is your experience? Are they welcome at your place?

Just got a potential guest asking for hosting its dog too. What is your experience on this?

Thank you in advance!

I didn’t like it. I only did it once as a favor and I charged extra for it. The dog was super cute but barked like crazy when the guests left it. We ended up bringing it upstairs with us because we couldn’t stand the barking. Though it didn’t leave an odor I did see a stain on the carpet - I just don’t know for sure that it was that group that left it because it was a bit inconspicuous.

Personally, I don’t rent spaces that allow pets because I don’t want to risk the smell or the allergens.

All hail the dog and cat lovers on this group - more power to you - but you want to make sure it’s right for you.

We allow pets. I didn’t want to at first but was talked into it by my partner! We’ve never had cats but we’ve had guests bring dogs on several occasions with no problems.

I think it depends on what sort of place you have. We have tiled floors throughout - but I’d be more cautious about pets if the place had carpet.

Pets, no matter how well behaved, are not allowed to brought by my guests. I allowed small dogs twice. There was no issue with staining or barking. But I noticed it did take me more time and effort to get all the dog hair. Three days later, I was still finding hair. So no. I don’t accept pets. If anyone asks in the future, I may allow it if they are willing to pay an extra fee, but it would depend on my overall comfort level with the guests making the request.

I get asked quite often. I have a dog but he is hypoallergenic. I don’t want dog hair every where. I know of two dog friendly airbnbs and I usually sent them there.

We say right up front NO PETS and NO KIDS. Dogs in particular can leave an odor that is hard to remove.