Does your city do inspections?

We have been working with our Pasadena CA City Council for more than 18 months on crafting a new code for home sharing and short-term rentals … Now the opposition seems to be convincing some council members that inspections are necessary.
Do any of you live in cities that require inspections? What is involved? How have you handled inspector visits?
Thanks for any insights… of course, we are arguing against inspections, but I’m just trying to get an idea of what might be ahead.

Does your city also carry out inspections on other forms of accommodation? e.g. hotels, motels, holiday rentals, long-term rentals etc.?

Perth doesn’t do inspections.

In my case (Malta) I had to apply for a license with the local tourism authority. The process involved a visit from an inspector to check if the apartment corresponds to certain set standards. Inspectors may visit without prior notice as well. Same thing applies for hotels.

IWe own a couple of long term rental properties in Michigan. The township they are located requires an inspection every two years in order to obtain a rental license.

They are looking to make sure smoke alarms and CO detectors are in place and functioning properly. They also want a fire extinguisher in a location that is easy to get to and visible. You need to have the furnace and water heater inspected annually ($80 a year).

I suppose they are also checking on other possible violations such as GFCIs installed near sinks and to see if the place is clean and “livable”.

I don’t think it’s anything to be too worried about.