Does weekly discount percentage apply to cleaning fee?

Hi people,

Can anyone help me out with the following:

I’ve just decided that I will give the cleaning fee a try to not lose any money on one night stays. I also offer a small weekly discount of 5%. My question is: Is the weekly (or monthly) discount applied to the cleaning fee or is the cleaning fee always fully charged?

Sorry for the basic question, but I can’t find it anywhere. Logic would say that the percentage does not apply to the cleaning fee, but AirBnB isn’t always logical :unamused:.


I’m fairly certain that it doesn’t. To be sure just test it out with your listing; set the cleaning fee and discount then go look at your listing as a guest would, click on book to see the preview of the fees. That won’t actually make a booking before you click back out.

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Cleaning Fee is a one-time charge, regardless of length of stay – 1 night or 12 nights it’s the same fee.

Personally I would not give a discount for any length of stay… but that’s me.


My NC townhouse has a cleaning fee with weekly and monthly booking discounts. The discounts apply only to the nightly/weekly/monthly rate. As @KenH mentioned, the cleaning fee is a one time set fee.