Does using resolution center hurt my standing with airbnb?

On the east coast - in the blizzard -

A guest came for a funeral. Checked-in. Lovely gal. Our public transportation system is shutting down at 5 p.m.; she would have no way to get to her aunt’s house where all the family is congregating.

I found a friend close to where her aunt lives who could house her (not an airbnb host). We got to the friend’s house, had a short visit, and the guest learned that, because other family were not going to make it into town, there was a now a bed for her, so I drove her to her aunt’s house.

I couldn’t alter the reservation because that time had passed, so I sent her a refund for two of the four nights through the resolution center. It was just the right thing to do.

All the verbiage in the resolution center is assuming that it is a negative situation. Does using the resolution center flag my account at all?

Just curious if anyone knows anything about this.

Hi there :smile:

No, contacting the resolution centre does NOT hurt your standing with airbnb…

They have special people for each concern, they are willing to advise you… just write what is going on, in much detail as possible and then send an update to any final outcome of the concern.

They are the “middle man” between host and guest … just keep any conversation you have with guests on the official airbnb thread.

You sound to be a nice and understanding person, good luck with your hosting :smile:


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thanks, susanne1!!
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