Does this scare you or thrill you?

“Follow me, and we will bring the whole [expletive] system down,” he says. “We’re just getting started.”

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This is a quote from the Marine who criticized the DD upper management…

Funker530 YouTube video was easy to find…all 10 minutes of it. He makes this comment at 9:50. When you say DD, do you mean DoD, Department of Defense?

I’m not sure why you posted this in an International STR host forum.

Unless you are just curious, I suggest passing this video by. I don’t know if unsettled or unsettling is the best descriptor.

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I actually have never seen the video. I did read several articles of a wide spectrum about it. I know it hasn’t much to do with hosting if anything. Yes I meant the D O Defense. I just got the feeling that this guy is either on his way to be a Republican elected darling or something more violent.

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