Does this listing appeal to you?

We just started a new listing and would like to hear your feedback!
This one actually came as-is with the current furniture (the dreary bunk bed too) and we’ve spent the last month sprucing it up with some new decorations. It’s an older property, with less than stellar bathroom and kitchen. Please tell us how you would improve this listing (without spending $$$ on renovations), in order to improve our conversion rate.

It doesn’t appeal to me.

I don’t mind older properties. Your property is fine, but there are things I would change about your listing to make it appeal to me.

Your description states it’s a one bedroom apartment but the floor plan and photos are of a studio apartment. I’d change the description so it reflects that.

Your description states the flat accommodates 6 people, but it doesn’t really. There are six places for people to sleep but only four places at the table, and let’s hope not everybody wants to sit in the living area. So, I would downgrade the capacity to four.

I would also remove the bunkbeds. Make the sleeping area a dedicated double bed sleeping area. Removing the bunkbeds also seems to allow access to a closet. Keep the sofabed for two more people.

Do you live there and are those your personal items? If you don’t live there, I’d remove the teddy bear, type-writer, sound equipment, etc. I am not sure why you have a picture of a clock, mannequin, nail polish(!?), etc…

Does the projector work? I don’t see a TV even though it’s on your listing. Perhaps put a picture of the project working.

Hang the mirror on the wall or door.

Under “neighbourhood”, you state, “an atmosphere that reeks of (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)'s Showa-era nostalgia” First, it’s blocking whatever you’re trying to say; and second, I wouldn’t use the word “reeks”.

I hope this helps.


Wow makes me want to come to Japan!

In addition to the helpful tips already, let’s face it, 40sqm is not ‘generous’, cosy at best for 6, I really wouldn’t try to squeeze more than 4 in. It will just encourage party’s which you clearly state you don’t want.

On that note lose the audio equipment. It will bring the party, takes up too much room & you say specifically no loud noise!

Cut the neighborhood section by at least 2/3 and the rules, much of this can be provided when people get there. It was so long I tuned out…

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Wow what lovely pictures and such a lovely apartment. Yes it appeals to me :slight_smile:

Yes, it appeals to me !

Although the word “spacious” may be up for discussion. What most probably is considered very spacious for Tokyo, probably won’t be considered all that spacious by people from other countries. I personally don’t see me sleeping there with 6 people, but it’s a good option for people who want to save some money. As a host I would prefer to have less guests, because a small space is more prone to damage when having lots of people in it.

I like the decor, and the fact that it has character to it. Try to find the balance between character / beautiful details and items AND too much clutter. On the foto’s it still looks good, I don’t know how it looks in real life.

But a very good job ! Congrats !

I like it, and I like your photos. The opening photo, especially, is appealing. However, I agree with others, to many artsy photos - when people are shopping listings, they are looking at a lot - you have lots of competition. Parse it down to the bare minimum. I was trying to choose between two listings recently, and chose the one that DIDN’T have 10 photos of the dining room table (ok maybe that’s an exaggeration, but so many photos of the same thing WASTE MY TIME)

But please, don’t call it spacious. It may be by Japanese standards but not in most of the world. Call it comfy, unique, cozy, delightful, charming, vintage, warm (?) but not spacious.

As a mom traveling with 3 kids, if it were priced accordingly, I would not mind the small space and crowded beds. I would assume that I’m going to sleep there, eat a quick breakfast, and then cook some noodles at the end of a long day, then repeat. I would be out-and-about seeing Tokyo! I’m not going to be hanging around my apartment. Also, with the chairs and table - you can easily include folding chairs - but I’ve stayed in places that didn’t have a chair for everyone and it was no problem - we just sat around.

Also, the more people you can accommodate, the less competition you have. It’s easy to find space for 4 but not so much for 5 & 6.

The tray with tea on the bed was pretty and added some color, but also made the space look more crowded. I would remove it, some of the pillows, the tree - make the space look less cluttered.

And vintage jazz records? Oh, no no no no no. I’m sure we are all already cringing, anticipating your post to come “guests broke my vintage jazz records”. I don’t know, but I’m not sure you’re in the price range to provide something so nice and special.

Good luck!

I find the place pretty appealing but as others have said a bit cluttered and a tight fit for 6. The pictures are very nice but really, a close up of the micro wave,the electric fireplace and several pictures of the same thing at slightly different angles? I also agree that the text on your listing is way too long.

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Too many close ups of “things” which don’t help me determine if this is the right space for me. Washed out photos of the kitchen - turn off the lights and turn down the flash so I can see the kitchen better.

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I like the first photo too. I get so bored of places with no character, style or personal touches. I like that you have some artsy stuff. I love the owl pillows. Even if the other person didn’t like the tray in the photo - I disagree. It shows you care about your home and your investment - which makes me feel more comfortable right away. We are middle aged travelers and have good taste - so those little touches are lovely. If we wanted sterile, we would stay at a boring hotel. If you live there - I get you want to keep the audio area. The audio space is neat but we would never use it - too scared to break something. That space would make a good coffee, or charging station, or place to work on your laptop or do your makeup if there was a mirror. I would get rid of the bunk beds too. Charge more, and have less people there. Lastly, the bathroom pictures worried me. I felt like I didn’t know how to take a shower in there. A few photos actually showing the shower part would be reassuring. That is the only sterile room - maybe a different color on the wall. Great job and good luck!

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I love it and I would book it in a heartbeat if I was coming to Tokyo. I’m actually going to put it on my Wishlist - we’re hoping to make a trip over to Japan for some snowboarding in the next year or so and would love to spend a few days experiencing Tokyo.
I love the eclectic mix of ‘things’ and I think your photos show it off really nicely. Makes my listing seem so boring!!

Thanks so much to @Ash953, @Emily, @Zandra, @GutHend, @dcmooney, @KIKC, @murphysranch, @Elianna, and @Gardenhost for your fantastic comments. We are certainly going to implement a lot of your suggestions.

  • Bunkbed is going, making more space in the bedroom, and the sliding doors are going back on for privacy.
  • Focusing on smaller groups of three to four people.
  • Including a photo of the projector working
  • Including a photo of the shower
  • Cutting down the verbiage on the description and area intros (sorry, not slashing the rules… :slight_smile:
  • Deleting the word ‘spacious’, ‘generous’ or any terms to that effect!
  • Cutting down on total number of photos
  • Including less close-ups of stuff and rotate them round to the end of the photo section

The jazz records, gramophone, teddybear, old clock and other knickknacks were placed intentionally to give the space character… very glad that most of you did like that aspect! Thanks again.

They are a cool, unique aspect. As long as they aren’t precious - like someone left out a very, very sentimental and valuable chess set that disappeared - ouch.

Looking forward to seeing the results!

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