Does the local council need to know of our Airbnb?

We intend to open anAirbnb business in Kent UK. Would we need a permission from the local council?

Have you asked?
It changed here in November- we need a registration number or the listing wouldn’t go live

It depends whether you need to apply for a change of use @Care Difficult to comment without more detailed information. You can give the planning team at the council a call tomorrow and check with them.

Chances are that they would. You might need an STR license and an inspection. (Might). You might also need a small business license.

I’m not sure of the situation these days in the UK (I used to have a B&B type operation there) but you might not be able to get a license if you don’t have STR insurance and vice versa. (A chicken and egg situation if ever there was one!)

I’m pretty sure that your local council will need to know but as @Helsi says, call them tomorrow and ask. Please come back and let us know - that will help other potential hosts in the same situation.


Where in Kent are you?

We are based in Medway

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It depends what it is. The comments above about licenses certainly don’t apply in the UK though.

Change of use is only required if it is not currently a residential property, eg if its a barn you are converting or a glamping pod you are building or if it’s a very large house where you would host groups.

You certainly need specialist insurance with public liability but again this is not checked by the council. If you currently pay council tax you should switch onto business rates. Look on for all the rules. You also need to register for self assessment tax.