Does the cancel for free within 48 hours still apply if guests choose the non-refundable/ 10% off option?

Guests just booked my place for late March. It was an instant booking, under the non-refundable option.

Do they still have 48 hours to cancel it?

In his message he mentions that he and his friends are planning to get together to watch the college basketball tournament.

I mention in two different places in my listing that I have a smart TV which has Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, but no network or cable TV.

I’m not sure if they will be able to watch live games with any of these?

I’m waiting to hear back from him.
I don’t want them to come if they can’t watch their games. They’ll be annoyed and take it out on me in the reviews.

Wouldn’t they do this at a nearby bar or by connecting your smart TV to their private account through their laptop?

The 48 hour cancellation policy is for guests booking more than 14 days in advance (have a look at the Help Centre for full details).

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Since it is instant book you can cancel penalty free ( up to 3 —maybe more)

Perhaps call or message the guest about not having network tv channels and determine if a cancellation by him or you is needed

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And like most things Airbnb I’m not too sure this is as promised. I wouldn’t use one of my precious free cancels on this. I’d clarify with the guest about where they are watching these games and see if I could get him to cancel.

@GardenGnome Those late March games are on CBS and TBS. CBS should be available with a simple antenna that you can get for $10 on Amazon. I’d add one if I were you as it’s a great value and works if the internet is down.

Most these games are on the internet/apps now so hopefully they can hook up or cast one of their devices to your TV.


Do you have Hulu Live? If so I’m sure they can watch.

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