Does sync work when i am offline

Hello everyone, at first i want to say something about me. I am young host from Serbia and i started to be host on airbnb. Also i try some others reservation online sites because airbnb aproves that. I started also with booking .com and they works with insta booking so i had to turn off on airbnb because i did not want to be overbooked. Than i realised that insta booking on airbnb give you more reservations when you have instabook on. So i tried and find this usefull think with multiple calendar and i thought i can work on 2 sites with 2 instabook on.
Now my question is:for example i am sleeping and get reservation on booking. com. Is it automaticlly blocked on airbnb if my internet is off and i don’t touch it. So i don’t know is syns works automaticly or i had to block on the site and then it block on the calendar.
Thanks a lot for answer!
Milan, young host from Novi Sad :sunglasses:

Hello Milan

Do take time to read through Airbnb Help Centre as you will find it answers most of the commonly asked questions like this one.

If you look on Airbnb Help Centre for something like ‘integrating calendars’ it takes you to information it has about a function you can download to integrate calendars across platforms so that you don’t get double bookings, but like anything it’s not fail safe. Personally I wouldn’t have instant book open on multiple platforms.

Okey, so you say me that it is not automaticly because if it is i think it
is 99% safety.

I don’t know I don’t use it.

I just know that other hosts have reported technical glitches with it.

Have you looked at the information Airbnb has provided on it’s Help Centre. You can always call them if anything is unclear.

I think it’s a minefield to be in two instant booking situations.

Like @konacoconutz says, using instant booking with two platforms (Air and Booking) is going to be nothing but trouble for you…

I have instant booking on for Airbnb and I am also listed on
I don’t have the greatest demand where I get a booking about once a week sometimes fortnight.
And I’m online all the time so I can quickly go in to update calendars. However I am going away soon and travelling for more than a day so I will probably switch instant booking off for that day.
I think have instant book on multiple platforms would just depend on how popular your area is for bookings.

Sync is not instant so not a stop to double bookings.