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Does it make sense to buy properties to rent solely on Airbnb


Have you had success with buying properties to rent on airbnb instead of going the long term lease route? This article suggests it could be a good investment option, though risky.


Every business is risky. I would not buy a property and mortgage it in hope of solely making some even moderate income with Airbnb or any other site. Market is unstable, seems like everyone doing Airbnb now, competition is high. Prices drop.
One thing is when you rent out rooms in your own house, and have some extra this way, or you already have an existing property and want to make more than leasing it, or you are buying a property as an investment which is always wise and your purpose is to make enough to pay the mortgage. Buy other than that I would not.
Someone posted here an income of 19K a year from separate unit. Mine will be a few thousand more for 2 rooms in my own home. Which is fantastic in my situation.
But you get the picture. I am pretty sure others will report around this number more or less.

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I thought the article was very good.

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