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Does Host Guarantee still pay if short-term rental business is forbidden by my lease agreement?

I own my manufactured home without a mortgage, but it sits on leased land (a mobile home park). The written lease forbids business activity and subletting all/part of the home, but the park manager told me that paying roommates are actually okay. She also said that Airbnb guests might be okay because the agreement does allow guest stays up to 20 days. Maybe the park owner put that language in the lease to avoid legal liability in case people’s activities cause trouble.

She said she would ask the management company higher-up people about this, but I have heard nothing in the week that’s gone by since then. Maybe they will never reply.

Maybe it would be better to not wait for permission, and just start hosting until somebody complains. Doing that would raise the question of insurance. My insurance agent says that I can buy policies designed for short-term hosting. But insurance policies tend to have a clause that says they won’t cover mishaps resulting from illegal activity, and the insurer could argue that hosting in seeming violation of my lease was illegal.

Does the Airbnb Host Guarantee offer coverage even if the hosting violates a lease? The terms of that guarantee are unclear, because Airbnb doesn’t show the terms of their own insurance policy which supports the guarantee.

I’d love to hear from anyone who recently filed a large claim that resulted from hosting in violation of a lease. Thank you!

I can’t help you on that one, tho I’d take a guess that you won’t find anyone.
I’d like to hear if anyone has ever made (and recieved) al large claim that was NOT in violation of lease or anything else.
I’d just be sure that your private home owners insurance is going to cover you 'cos I get the feeling that even if all was within regulation that you’d (ie all of us) would have trouble making any kind of large Claim.

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