Does changing the name of your place after 2 years affect bookings?

I have rooms that have names I would like to change (I am thinking about it) to something slightly different - they currently say (in part):

walk to downtown 10 mins

and I’d like to change it to:

walk to train 10 mins

Do you think this will impact me negatively? Does a name modification change my standing, or make it difficult to find from my usual guests, returning businesspeople?

That phrase is part of your listing Names? Changing hat phrase should not affect anything since guests can’t search by Name.

If your listing has a fairly unique name and you do a google search, it can come up in the results. I got this when I searched:

Not necessarily true. The question was about much more than folk looking to search your place by name.

There are two aspects to this, one is within the Airbnb system, and one is on the web external to it.

Within Airbnb Search, I haven’t seen anything to suggest such a name change will have an adverse impact. (Doesn’t mean that’s proof it won’t, of course.)
I tweak my listing name all the time and haven’t found any negative outcome from it. And I haven’t seen any Airbnb literature that dissuades listing title changes.

Outside Airbnb on the wide world web, you’re subject to the rules of the search engines. But here it really depends on how much you use say Google search as a means of getting customers. Have you had people book because they googled for walk to downtown?

It’s likely that the picture is a lot more important than the title. How do the repeat guest locate you, maybe they look up their Airbnb inbox and contact you from there, rather than using Airbnb search?


I change my description almost weekly. It actually seems to help me on AirBnB. Seems like everytime I change name or pictures I get a booking.

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