Does anyone use Vayoo?

Hi there,

Does anyone use Vayoo (an app for Airbnb hosts, includes analytics, pricing recommendations, search page result data, etc) and/ or AirDNA?

I’ve been paying for both for many months. I think the pricing suggestions on Vayoo are too high and my bookings went way down. I do like some of the other data they provide such as “there were x number of bookings in your area yesterday, x were on days that your property was available”. AirDNA doesn’t have this.

Do any of you have experience with these tools?



I have considered but do not want to pay the costs and think that the data for my area is a bit short and so the value a bit questionable. This is the same with flexible/dynamic pricing models I have looked at - They do not have enough data points for smaller or rural locations to make it worth it. Wish I felt otherwise but Not so far.