Does anyone use Airdna?

I have been told it’s very useful, but after signing up I can’t seem to get any information unless I pay for a subscription. Am I missing something?

There is a basic level of free information that they offer.

Then a higher level of information they provide on a paid for basis.

My town is using it to develop new regulations.

Free reports info is useless and not very accurate. Paid reports are useful but not very accurate as well. Any blocked date reported as booked date. It’s very easy to draw wrong conclusions from the reports.
Unfortunately, there is no alternative to Airdna on the market.

I just cancelled. Not enough information in a useful enough format to be of use to me. I wanted to find out what my competitors within walking distance are charging, and how fully they are booked, and AirDNA wasn’t very useful for that. In addition, my small city of 32,000 which used to be a borough (like a county in rest of the US) and 2 cities merged 50 years ago, so part of the town that used the be the smaller city has a separate zip code (postal code), and AirDNA wanted to charge me extra so I could get info on the 5 AirBnBs there — after I complained, they added that zip to my account. I don’t find it that useful but there are only about 120 AirBnBs here, and I’m primarily interested in those within 2 miles of here. I can gather that info by going on AirBnB with an anonymous browser session, and it only take a little time with no cost.

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Thanks so much for your info, it’s very enlightening.