Does anyone speak Portuguese?

I started a major construction project in the rental space that started after the booking that arrives on Monday. Already the space has improved dramatically, but the construction is still going on. It should not affect my guest in anyway as my builder cleans up very well and is respectful of my guest’s space. However, I want to let them know before they arrive. They are from Brazil with limited English.

I used google translate - and translated it back into English and it was very clear - but if anyone speaks Portuguese and can tell me if it makes sense, I’d appreciate it -

desde o tempo que você reservou a sua reserva nós começamos um projeto de construção para melhorar o espaço alugado. Isso não deve interferir em tudo com a sua estadia. Na verdade, ele já fez uma grande melhoria. Por favor, deixe-me saber a qualquer momento se a construção é um problema e vamos corrigir o que podemos.
Desfrute de suas viagens e até breve!

I speak and read Spanish and was able to understand it just fine.

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Hi dcmooney. I lived in Brazil for 4 years and speak and write Portuguese - though I’m a bit rusty for lack of practice - and this is fine. In fact, I’m quite surprised that it’s done so well on Google Translate - I’ve seen some shockers!

I’m sure you’ll really enjoy your Brazilian guests, and kudos to you for communicating in their own language!

I had a Brazilian guest in October with limited English. I found Google translate to be incredibly useful. :smile: Although, Spanish is so commonly spoken in LA it was not hard to find people who could communicate. It’s pretty amazing how much overlap there is between the two languages.


That’s what it was like when I spent a few days in Italy. I don’t speak Italian and a guy at my hostel said to just speak my best Spanish. So I was able to communicate with not the best Spanish and the Italians spoke Italian. But we could still understand each other.

I am Portuguese, hosting in Lisbon. I believe your Guests will have no problem understanding what you mean. Translation is, however, not that perfect.Especially the second and thrid sentences, I would say:
"Tal não deve interferir em nada com a sua estadia. Na verdade, já foi feita uma grande melhoria."
I hope my English is good enough - as I did not resort to Google :wink: - and I wish to have helped.
Let me take the opportunity to congratule you all. This is my first intervention, but I’ve been reading your interesting discussions for some time now.



I’m Brazilian and speak English as well.

My feedback.

“Depois que você fez a sua reserva, nós começamos uma reforma para melhorar o espaço. Isso não deve interferir em sua estadia. Na verdade, uma parte já está pronta. Por favor, avise a qualquer momento se a reforma pode ser problema e vamos ver o que podemos fazer para sua melhor estadia.
Boa viagem e até breve!”



These guests were awesome. I learned how to say “Dom dia” and a few other phrases. They gave me the ‘2 kisses’ right when we met in my driveway - now I want to learn Portuguese!

@dcmooney Brazilians are very friendly !!
When we receive some foreign people here, it’s very common to go out to drink, show the city and at the first day become the best friends :smile:
I never saw something like that I others countries

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I have one of my first guests a husband and wife coming end of December and I already love them just based on emails and them wanting to give me a gift…uggh told them not to…but they insisted and I asked for something uniquely Brazilian like coffee or candy. We get a lot of Brazilian tourist in Miami but it is nice to get to know individuals here as well.

It’s now on the top of my list of places to visit!

We were there for seven weeks for the World Cup last summer. Had a blast. Best day was when we went to Complexo do Alemao. All our Brazilian friends said “don’t go it’s way too dangerous”, “you will be shot” etc etc etc etc. But with the stupidity of strangers we went anyway. A thirty minute ride on a suburban Rio train, which was a riot in itself, gets you to the cable car station. When we got on the cable car, started chatting to two guys, went to their local bar, had fantastic grilled fish, lots of Antarctica, watched the footy and they chaperoned us back into central Rio as it was gone midnight when we left.

We stayed in Gloria, and by the time we left we were on nodding and good morning terms with all the peeps that used to hang out on the street, and twice got invited to their Sunday BBQ’s.

I can testify from experience that Brazilians are a friendly bunch. But @mmarqueti have you been to the UK?? It is pretty much obligatory to take visitors to the pub on their first day, although it often ends there as we do love our beer.

hi @jamfactoryken I’ve been. But alone and just 2 days.
I don’t have much time :frowning: