Does anyone require a copy of a photo ID for all guests who will be staying?

Hello fellow hosts.
I know that AirBnB verifies the identity of the person renting the house but that is only one person of the 4, 5, or 6 guests who will be staying in my home. I would feel more comfortable if I knew the identity of everyone staying. Am I allowed to ask for a copy of everyone’s driver’s license? Do other host require that?

In my booking message I say that full names of all guests are required and my house rules state that ID may be required at or before check in. I rarely do ask to see it but I always get full names of all guests. Never had anyone refuse and if they did I would decline the booking.

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My guests—all over 18 years old, that is—are required to sign an occupancy agreement. On the agreement, I require the legal names, permanent address and signatures of all guests, then I require government issued photo ID be shown at arrival. I check it all matches. This ensures that, should things go sideways, I have the information I’d need to file a police report or take the guests to court.

I may miss some bookings that way, but I’m fairly sure I’ve saved myself from hosting some guests I’d rather not have. I don’t copy the ID, just check that the picture matches the person in front of me, and the name and address match those on the contract.

This requires, of course, that all guests are met in person, which I prefer to do anyway. I should add that I’m an AirBnB host and it is allowed, as long as it’s in your listing and house rules so it’s disclosed ahead of time.


When I first started on Airbnb I requested that guests send me a copy of the drivers license for themself and all guests. I was informed by Airbnb that I can not ask them to provide that. I can ask to see their ID upon arrival and if I lived in place that required it by law I could make a copy.

What I do know (and it’s in my pre-booking message is that I require the full name, legal address and age of the booking person and guest. I also require that the profile picture on the booking account be a picture of the guest’s face without glasses or hats so that I know that it’s not a third-party booking. I also ask for selfies of the guest (Unless both their pictures are on the profile picture).

Finally, I say that I may request to see id upon arrival along with vaccination card but I never do unless something seems fishy.

This helps to eliminate third-party bookings and bad actors. (I believe).

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Yes Casa Sheldon,
We always photocopy a photo ID on arrival of all guests, and any approved visitors who enter the bedroom area. & then they get the old school keys.
I also let them know we will ask for this in the location / welcome message.
No one ever has a problem with this as it’s for the security of all guests and ourselves.
All the ID’s are confidential and disposed of appropriately in our fire box.
Useful as many guests have different names to their AirBnb name / home country name.
Previously we have had to fend off a local car hire company that was owed money by a guest / and same charming guest borrowed my husband’s car and ran it into a few parked cars including the new car of a club security guard.
Oh, and a few toll & parking fines from same guest, who once on the road didn’t give a stuff.
Although the guest had left the country because I had both his passport / truck drivers licence all debt collection agencies involved were able to pursue him.
This all happened around eight years ago, we learnt the hard way never, ever to lend a car again.
Guests can also send their ID’s via SMS or email on arrival.


I do not. I have a registration card requiring info on all guests. I know that any ID can be faked so I don’t set much store by them. Ours is a homeshare so guests can’t get away with much. We probably host an occasional illicit rendezvous but I don’t see that as my business. Although I used to teach risk management, I ironically rely heavily on my gut.