Does anyone provide a steamer for clothes?

I just purchased one and thought it might be a nice amenity to offer. I would list it as maybe “on request” and supply it filled with water? Or is this too messy overall? And, would this be a ‘want it right now’ or would I be able to provide without running to give? Reservation needed etc?

Before I add anything at all to one of the rentals, I tell myself that it’s another thing to clean and/or another thing that can break or go wrong.

The benefit of the item has to outweigh those two issues.

I think it’s a lovely idea to add a steamer, especially if a host has many guests who need a smart appearance - those attending weddings or a job interview and so on.

If a host lives nearby (or the co-host does) then I’ve found the best way is to say during the house tour ‘I think you’ll find everything you need in the apartment but if there’s anything else, just knock on my door / text me.’

This is easy for me though because I live diagonally opposite one apartment and next door to the other and over the years, I have been asked for various things. :wink:


We supply handheld steamers. We just leave it with the iron/ironing board/laundry bag/etc in each unit. If yours is one of those large rolling steamers or you just don’t want to have to buy one for every room you might want to offer it on request, or I think it’s easier, just leave it in a common area where they can access it without having to ask/wait.

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