Does anyone offer SLIPPERS?

I was thinking I would offer my guests slippers they are not that expensive and would like to know if anyone else offers amenities above the normal ??

Nope, no slippers here.

Yes. Asian guests expect them.

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Yes, I offer plastic slippers. I wash them in hot water after every guest who uses them. When we started hosting I didn’t offer slippers. We had so many Chinese guests who expected them that we got some.

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Several hosts in the forum provide slippers but more for the purpose of temporary use for the guest to wear in exchange for leaving their footwear at the front entry. Those hosts prohibit shoes indoors.

If you know how to use the Search feature, you may be able to locate the thread. It was quite lengthy and the discussion was about the type and cost of the slip-ons.

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Good to know , thank you ,

I do, with a note saying Indoor-use only. Very few people use them. Still, it’s a good to have.

Outdoor shoes are to be left by the door and not used inside.

As others have mentioned Asian guests expect “house slippers”. I had someone leave 4 pairs of hotel slippers so I used to leave them out until they got too tatty. You can probably buy them in bulk from a hotel supplies website not too expensive.

Since I vacuum the carpets and steam clean the wooden floors and tiles in between guests I would think they would prefer to walk barefoot than wear some slippers someone else had worn, though I think they usually keep their socks on. In fact they could just keep their socks on. When in Rome etc.

Yes, we leave thongs for them to use. They are just located in a bin near the door. This signals them to leave their footwear as well before entering the house.

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In some parts of the world that sounds a bit raunchy. I hope you wash them in between guests :wink:


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True about asians and slippers. You always find them in hotels there. take them home with you and offer to guests. Also, if you live in beach area, like it do, it helps cut down on sand.
I think warm cozy slippers would be a really nice touch in cold climate. Just make sure you wash them between guests.

Me I wouldn’t want to wear something I knew other people’s feet have been in so I wouldn’t use them in a hosts home if I was offered them.

My socks/ bare feet are fine, not least because I can see how clean the place really is based on what my feet look like.

We have many Chinese guests who believe that being exposed to cold will make them sick. Various Chinese guests have told us that: taking a shower at night will make you sick even if you use a hair dryer, drinking ice water will make you sick, going out with wet hair will make you sick, eating food straight from the refrigerator will make you sick. I believe that these guests use slippers not for cleanliness, but to protect their feet from cold.

Interesting given I’ve just had a spate of Chinese guests that insisted on 1 am showers. I must have been unlucky to get two sets in a row that thought 1am entirely normal.

Ah, this probably means that @EllenN has hosted a variety of people from the South of the country, while @Zandra has had some from the North. Very different viewpoints on cold. My current guests are from the very South of China and they can not believe that we are having 66º weather with rain. They simply would not leave the house today until the temperature was at least 65º. Now, they didn’t arrive with the right clothing. They are primarily visiting California and just packed a backpack for their short visit East to take a look at some colleges.

Most of my Chinese guests are from Beijing. We’ve also had some guests from Shanghai, Chengdu and various other places in China.

Also, regarding floor cleanliness. I’ve had several Chinese guests tell me that if human labor (elbow grease) isn’t applied whatever you are cleaning doesn’t get clean. They told me that this is why they don’t use vacuum cleaners or dishwashers.

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Ha, was about to reply to the previous comment saying exactly what you’re saying. I’ve had more than a couple of Chinese guests having showers at 1am, quite a din in some cases.

1 am showers and water all over the floor. Quite the disaster.

This is what we do. We have offer slipper socks to wear - a big basket full of options, and all different sizes. We ask people to leave them in front of the laundry machine when departing, so that they know they are washed between guests.

We also offer white spa-type terry slip-ons with plastic soles - a step-up from the disposable ones you’d get when traveling. They wash really nicely, too. I’m looking for more of these, as they’ve depleted over the years.