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Does anyone know if it possible to add a video to your listing?

I have not found a way to do it yet, but i figure if anyone know its someone on this board. thank you in advance for your help.

There is a way to add one to your profile, but I haven’t seen an option to do it for the listing itself. Maybe you could direct people to view the video on your profile page.

To make one, click on your Name, then Edit Profile, then Photos, Symbol, Video; and then Record New Video.

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Thank you felix cat( im a cat lover, too)… i appreciate the info. i went on and looked at it and it looks like ot only allows a 30 host intro video. what i am trying to do is make a pro video( my professional) of my listings… ill call airbnb a little later today and see if they have any ideas, too.

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Let us know!! It would be a great asset

The answer is no. no videos can be uploaded and we cant send links to videos before booking, the 30 sec profile video is for internal use only. potential guests cannot see it on your profile.

Thanks for checking! I guess their fear is that any link you post may be to your own website where the booking fee would be skirted. Even if they don’t want to use their own bandwidth, it would be nice to have the ability to embed a few basic video file types.

i did mention that to them, and that i would have been ok uploading a video to their site they could check in advance… but they dont have that feature…

Tara – Thanks for this info. I wanted to link to a video (of me) which is on the Airbnb blog website, but you can 't even put a link in your profile information so I ended up spelling out the link in this manner:

“You can learn more on the Airbnb blog – type in: blog dot Airbnb, then dot and com, then slash. After the slash: the-2015-host-award-winners, with hyphens, and then a final slash. Then scroll down to the end of the list to see Lia’s video.”

This is NOT ideal and who knows if anyone bothers.

A bit off the topic of video – We also write with tourist ideas on how to see LA via Metro Rail. I would love to be able to put a link to that in my profile … but, alas, no links. :disappointed_relieved:

Happy Hosting Everyone – Lia

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