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Does anyone know how to add a co-host paymenr

Does anyone know how to set up a co-host payment so they get. 20% commission before the cleaning fee and how to add their bank account details?

Can seem to find on Airbnb Help?

I think they removed that facility a wee while back, although as we don’t use co hosts, I can’t be 100% about it.


Yes i know they removed the auto functionality a couple of years back, but I though you can still do split payments but can’t remember how :slight_smile:

Sorry, no idea. As I said, we don’t use co hosts so not really sure what functionality there is for payments.

What I do know is that a host here struggled to set it all up properly last year, both the host and co host are friends and I remember them cursing the system loudly. The host just squares the co host in cash, it worked out easier.


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